Yonina Eldar Professor of Electrical Engineering, Weizmann
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Head of Biomedical Engineering and Signal Processing Center
Areas of Interest
Sampling methods and A/D design
Compressed sensing
Medical imaging: ultrasound, MRI, CT
Deep learning and graphs
Communication, radar and remote sensing
Signal and image processing for optics
Computational biology
Detection and estimation theory
Optimization for signal processing

Signal Acquisition Modeling Processing and Learning (SAMPL) lab

The Signal Acquisition Modeling Processing and Learning (SAMPL) lab focuses on sampling, modeling and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals with the aim of extracting as much information as possible using minimal resources to perform various tasks, including communication, radar, medical and optical imaging and biological inference. The lab also develops model-based methods for artificial intelligence (AI) that aid in obtaining increased information from fewer samples, and facilitates the transition from pure theoretical research to the development, design and implementation of prototype systems and clinical studies. While traditional systems treat the sampling and processing stages separately and require sampling at the well-known Nyquist rate, SAMPL research focuses on new design paradigms in which sampling and processing are designed jointly in order to exploit the signal properties and the task already in the sampling stage. This approach can drastically reduce the sampling and processing rates well below the Nyquist rate, and greatly improve the resolution which can be obtained from a limited number of samples in time, space and frequency. It also paves the way to new technologies such as wireless ultrasound and joint radar and communication systems.

Short Bio
B.Sc.:  Physics, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Israel, 1995
B.Sc.:  Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Israel, 1996
Ph.D.:  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT, 2002
2019 - Present:  Professor of Electrical Engineering, Weizmann
2010 - 2019:      Professor of Electrical Engineering, Technion
2020 - Present:  Advisory Professor of Fudan University, Shanghai, China
2018 - Present:  Quest Visiting Professor, MIT
2018 - Present:  Visiting Scientist, Broad Institute
2016 - Present:  Adjunct Professor, Duke
2002 - 2008:      Research Affiliate with the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT
2009 - 2014:      Visiting Professor, Stanford
2005 - 2009:      Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Technion
2002 - 2005:      Senior Lecturer of Electrical Engineering, Technion
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Contact Info
Address:  Faculty of Math & CS, Weizmann institute of Science, Rehovot 7610001, Israel
Office:     224, Ziskind
Phone:     08-9343702
Fax:         08-9342945
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