Plenary, Tutorial, Papers, and Demos

ICASSP 2020 IEEE International Conference, Barcelona, Spain



Plenary Talk


Tutorial: Machine Learning and Wireless Communications

Paper Presentations

Paper Presentation: Generalized Graph Spectral Sampling With Stochastic Priors

Paper Presentation: Sparse Convolutional Beamforming for Wireless Ultrasound

Paper Presentation: Dynamic Metasurface Antennas for Bit-constrained MIMO-OFDM Receivers

Paper Presentation: On Divergence Approximations for Unsupervised Training of Deep Denoisers Based on Stein’s Unbiased Risk Estimator

Paper Presentation: Complex Trainable ISTA for Linear and Nonlinear Inverse Problems

Paper Presentation: Learning Task-Based Analog-to-digital Conversion for MIMO Receivers

Paper Presentation: Federated Learning With Quantization Constraints

Paper Presentation: Distributed Quantization for Sparse Time Sequences

Paper Presentation: On Throughput of Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems with Low Resolution ADCs

Paper Presentation: Theoretical Analysis of Multi-carrier Agile Phased Array Radar

Paper Presentation: Complexity Reduction Methods for Index Modulation Based Dual-function Radar Communication Systems

Paper Presentation: Deep Soft Interference Cancellation for MIMO Detection

Demo Talks

Demo Presentation: SIMO Sub-Nyquist Radar with Unknown Pulse Shape

Demo Presentation: A Fast Learning Sparse Array for Automotive Radar

Demo Presentation: MAJoRCom - Joint Radar and Communication System Based on Index Modulation

Demo Presentation: VitterbiNet - Data-Driven Symbol Detection and Online Channel Tracking via Model Based Machine Learning

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