The extensive use of computers in every aspect of modern life vastly increases the need for digital signal processing and signal sampling. Sampling research is becoming more applications-oriented: discoveries in this field quickly find their way into a wide array of products ranging from cell phones and medical imaging equipment to defense technologies.

The SAMPL Lab focuses on sampling, modeling and processing of continuous-time and discrete-time signals. Traditional systems treat the sampling and processing stages separately and require sampling at the well-known Nyquist rate. In contrast, SAMPL research focuses on new design paradigms in which sampling and processing are designed jointly in order to exploit signal properties already in the sampling stage. This approach has the potential to drastically reduce the sampling and processing rates well below the Nyquist rate, typically considered as the ultimate limit for analog to digital conversion. The proposed prototypes can reduce power consumption, hardware size and complexity, and enable efficient wideband sensing.

The laboratory facilitates the transition from pure theoretical research to the development, design and implementation of prototype systems. SAMPL Lab integrates these new ideas directly into technology by close collaboration with leading industrial companies. Systems developed in the lab demonstrate the research results and technology advances in a wide range of applications ranging from bioimaging such as 3D ultrasound and MRI through communications, laser optics, cognitive radio and radar systems.

High Resolution Beamforming using Deep Learning
Our team is constantly exploring innovative sampling methods that combine theory and practice
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