Mini-Symposium on Multiscale and Diffusion
      Wednesday, 3 November 2010



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(Ziskind Bldg. - #24)

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    Venue: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Ziskind Building), The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Sponsor: David Fund (in memory of Prof. David T. Ullman)

Organized by: Ronen Basri, Meirav Galun, Boaz Nadler (The Weizmann Institute of Science)


10:00Opening remarks
10:10 Meirav Galun: Adaptive Multiscale Image Segmentation and Anisotropic Diffusion
10:50 Irad Yavneh: Nonlinear Multigrid Revisited
11:30 Raanan Fattal: Blue-Noise Point Sampling Using Kernel Density Model
13:40 Boaz Nadler: Natural Image Denoising by Non-Local Means, Diffusion and Optimality
14:20 Nir Sochen: Variational Regularization of Lie Groups and their Cosets
15:00Coffee break
15:15 Michael Bronstein: Heat Diffusion Descriptors for Deformable Shapes
15:55 Ronen Basri: Detecting Faint Edges in Noisy Images

Contact: Carol Weintraub - Tel.: +972-8-934 3545