Some photographs


Engineering group and leaders of the WEIZAC project at the Institute for Advanced Study. Left to right: Gordon Kent, Ephraim Frei, Gerald Estrin, Lewis Strauss, Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Melville, Julian Bigelow, Norman Emslie, James Pomerene, Hewitt Crane, John von Neumann

Members of the WEIZAC engineering group with the completed machine in the background. Left to right: (standing) Yesheyahu Ziegel, Micha Kedem; (seated) Zvi Riesel, David Loewe, Ephraim Frei, Aviezri Fraenkel

Dedication of the Benjamin Abrams Electronics Laboratory. Left to right: (standing) David Treves, Gerald Estrin, George Eisler, Micha Kedem, Yesheyahu Ziegel, Ephraim Frei, Julian Meltzer, Aviezri Fraenkel; (seated) Meyer Weisgal

Plant which made fans and bicycle parts, owned by two Bulgarian immigrants

Punch which was used to make multilayer power distribution systems and chassis parts

First chassis tests and discussion of functionality

3-D view of chassis

Constructing and checking WEIZAC

Testing filament voltages

Checking the home-made drum

Installation of the Telemeter Magnetic Ferrite Core Memory

The console of the WEIZAC

Central processing unit of the WEIZAC

Inside the WEIZAC

2000 heated triodes in the WEIZAC

Chaim Pekeris and colleagues discussing model of ocean tides

Left to right: Micha Kedem, Amos De-Shalit, David Ben-Gurion