Topics in Cryptography  - Spring 2009

Instructors: Shafi Goldwasser and Moni Naor

Grader: Gil Segev

When: Tuesdays 16:00--18:00 Note: first meeting March 24th
Where: Ziskind 1
First meeting:  March 24th


In recent years, we are witnessing a surge of new cryptographic ideas applied to old cryptographic problems such as security against chosen cipher text attack, protection against side channel attacks, and software protection. In addition we see the emergence of new areas of investigation such as game theory and cryptography. In this course we aim to cover these recent developments. Topics covered will include:

PREREQUISITES: Students are expected to be familiar with algorithms, complexity theory, probability theory, and linear algebra, at an undergraduate level and to have taken a previous course in cryptography.

REQUIREMENTS: Students are expected to read papers, prepare homework.

Handouts and Homework