The 2001 paper Menshov representation spectra and its abridged version An "analytic'' version of Menshov's representation theorem, both with Alexander Olevskii, are missing a reference. Theorem 3 was already known at the time. See Valerie I. Ivanov, Representation of measurable functions by multiple trigonometric series (Russian). In: Orthogonal series and approximations of functions. Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov. 164 (1983), 100123.

The 2005 paper A resistance bound via an isoperimetric inequality with Itai Benjamini has a mistake in section 3.2. It is not true that one can get the claimed estimate of the resistance of the supercritical cluster from the theorem (the arxiv version was updated to note this). Thanks to Yoshihiro Abe for pointing this out, and see his paper Effective resistances for supercritical percolation clusters in boxes, here

The 2014 paper The mixing time of the giant component of a random graph with Itai Benjamini and Nick Wormald has a mistake on page 389 of the journal version (the arxiv version was corrected). The total weight of every vertex is not increased by 1/alpha, as the paper claims, but by 1/alpha+1. This requires to fix formula (2.4), say by adding a half on the right hand side. The rest of the paper is unaffected. Thanks to Johannes Blank for pointing this out.

The 2014 paper Vertex-reinforced random walk on Z with sub-square-root weights is recurrent with Jun Chen is missing a condition in the main theorem. The weight function w should be increasing (the arxiv version was corrected to note this). Thanks to Anja Erben for pointing this out.

The 2015 paper Disorder, entropy and harmonic functions with Itai Benjamini, Hugo Duminil-Copin and Ariel Yadin has a mistake on page 6. The result of Kesten mentioned in paragraph 3 is misquoted, and is actually weaker than claimed (though no less beautiful!). Thanks to James Lee and Yuval Peres for pointing this out.