I believe that math is only real when shared. Below are some math-related volunteer work I do, courses I have TA'd for undergrad and grad students, and links to recordings of lectures I have given.

        Graduate courses

      • Winter 2020: Locally compact groups acting on discrete structures, (online) WinSum School, Bernoulli center, Lausanne.
      • Spring 2019: Invariant random subgroups, Summer school on Random and Arithmetic Structures, Mathematical Science Research Institute, Berkeley.
      • Spring 2019: L^2-Betti Numbers, Summer school on Random and Arithmetic Structures, Mathematical Science Research Institute, Berkeley.
      • Fall 2018: Commutative algebra, Weizmann Institute of Science.

      • Undergraduate courses

      • Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021: Calculus for experimental sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
      • Fall 2017: Measure theory, amenability and topological groups, Women in Mathematics conference, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
      • Fall 2016: Linear Algebra for industrial engineering and management, Ben Gurion University.
      • Fall 2014: Probability for electrical engineering, Ben Gurion University.

      • Recorded lectures

        Here are some videos of lectures I gave in the past.
      • Introduction to tree automorphisms, part a part b
      • Groups acting freely on trees, part a part b
      • Bass-Serre theory, part 1a part 1b part 2a part 2b
      • SL(2,Z) and other tree lattices part 1 part 2 part 3
      • Locally compact groups with no non-trivial invariant random subgroups, following Le Boudec and Matte Bon's paper, part a part b
      • Restriction of scalars, Ein Gedi conference 2017 on Arithmetic groups

      • Volunteering

        I regularly volunteer in non-profit organizations advancing math accessibility and excellence among young adults from social periphery. Here is a partial list.
      • 2018-current: I teach math and computer science at the “Academia for Life” program.
      • 2017-2018: I Volunteered at “First in science” program, encouraging high-school girls to choose STEM fields.
      • 2017-2018: I tought science for elementary school students as part of the “Nobel Laureates for Excellence in Education” program.
      • 2016: I gave weekly reinforcement classes in mathematics at the New Arab High School in Lod.

      • Seminars

        Together with Arielle Leitner I organized the Midrasha, which is the weekly Group Theory and Dynamics seminar at Weizmann Institute, in 2019-2020. I was also a coorganizer of the Forum for Women in Math and Computer Science at Weizmann, between 2018-2020.