Prof. David Harel
The William Sussman Professorial Chair
Dept. of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, Israel

Tel:    +972-8-934-4050
Secretary:  +972-8-934-3545
Fax:    +972-8-934-6023
Location:  Ziskind Building, Room 241
Email:   dharel "at"

My research interests are in several areas of computer science. In the past these included computability (especially levels of undecidability), logics of programs (especially dynamic logic), database theory (especially query languages and their power), and automata theory.  In recent years, my activity in these areas has diminished, being replaced by software and systems engineering, object-oriented analysis and design, visual languages, layout of diagrams, modeling and analysis of biological systems, and the synthesis and communication of smell.