Snapshots from Eurocrypt 2007

 Barcelona, May 20-24.


    Barceloneta - Frank Gehry's Fish     Yuval Ishai Chairing the first session    Joan Miro Museum (Fundacio Miro) Entrance    Welcome Reception. Benny Pinkas and Arvind Narayanan    Gala Dinner    Javier Lopez Surveying the troops  


    Welocme reception - abhi shelat, Vinod  Vaikuntanathan and Arvind Narayan    Farewell.    The Eurocrypt fan in action     Lunch - Isabelle Dechene and Andreas Enge      Welcome Reception - Stuart Haber and  Mary Ann Hansen    Business Meeting - Moni Naor


     Shien Jin Ong talking on Zero Knowledge and Soundness are Symmetric (Best Paper Award)        Yi Deng talking on 	Instance-dependent Verifiable Random Functions        Parc Guel          Rump Session - Moni Naor                  Stas Jarecki talking on Two-Party Secure Computation on Committed Inputs       


   Welocome Reception. German Saez Interviewing Whit Diffie and Tal Rabin    Gala Dinner, Yvo Desmedt.    Welcome Reception. Serge Fehr and Maria Isabel Gonzalez Vasco    Rump Session. Benny Pinkas demonstraing zero-knowledge for Sudoku.    Farewell    Gala Dinner. Flamenco.


               View of Barcelona from cable car          Welcome Reception with the Catalan Minister of Innovation, Universities and Business.           Barceloneta           Krzysztof Pietrzak          David and Goliath.         Rump Session - Audience


   Rump Session    Gala Dinner    Lunch           The pool on the roof of the hotel


                      Eurocrypt on YouTube: Isabelle Dechene and Andreas Enge in action          


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