Sending Email to Oded Goldreich

It is great to live in an era which allows rapid and convenient communication. Yet, also good things have dark sides: The amount of communication grows and so the total time spent in communication may grow rather than decrease. In particular, at times I get more questions and requests than I can possibly answer, especially if I am to continue doing other things.

In view of the above, I would like to ask you to help me by taking a look at

my answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Requests.

The above webpage contains answers to a variety of questions and requests regarding the following

and more.

In case you still want to write me email, the address is: first-name dot last-name at; that is,

NOTE: If you do send me email, please note that I do not always receive emails that are sent to me (and the sender is not always notified of this). This is due to various spam filters and other system hazards. I typically acknowledge all emails (which is the reason I ask you to show some consideration), so if you did not receive an acknowledgement from me, please resend the mail.