The George Farkas Chair in Computer Science

Computer Science Department
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Technion city, Haifa 32000, Israel.
Phones: Work: +972-4-8294166
Fax: +972-4-8221128

The Henry Taub Award, 1992. Outstanding Teacher, Technion, 1982 and 1999. Salmon Simon Mani Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1996. ETH Distinguished Lecturer, 1994. Keynote speaker, ESA'95. Invited speaker, CIAC' 97. NJIT Distinguished Lecturer, 1997. Visiting Scientist at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies 1996-97 and Summer 1998. Program Committee Member, STOC '97. Editorial board of the Journal of Algorithms and Theory of Computer Systems. Visiting Scientist at Bellcore, Morristown NJ, 1990. Chairman of the Computer Science Department, Technion, 1979-80 and 1986-89.


1959 - B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Technion - I.I.T.

1961 - M.A., Mathematics - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

1963 - Ph.D., Applied Mathematics - Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Former Research Area:
Switching and Automata Theory, Combinatorial Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Cryptography.

Current Research Areas:
Graph Algorithms, Interconnection and Sorting Networks, Circuit Layout.

Some Former Graduate Students:

Baruch Awerbuch
Gideon Ehrlich
Alon Itai
Yehoshua Perl
Yossi Shiloach

Reuven Bar-Yehuda
Fanica Gavril
Oded Kariv
Sergio Rajsbaum
Yacov Yacobi

Alex Biyukov
Oded Goldreich
Aharon Kupershtok
Michael Rodeh

Present Graduate Students

Vladimir Yanovsky

Maria Zapolotsky


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Some Publications of the last 5 years

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