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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Graduate Studies

Written by Oded Goldreich.

This is page is also partially relevant for postdoc appllications (see also a specific section)

All graduate studies at the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) are administrated by the Feinberg Graduate School (FGS). Applications should be made using the school's forms which can be obtained together with more detailed information from the FGS homepage. You may also contact the school via e-mail ( or by ordinary mail to the Feinberg Graduate School, P.O.B 26, Rehovot, Israel.

Following are my view regarding certain questions.

About PostDoc-ing at the Weizmann Institute (FGS/WIS)

Some of the material referring to graduate studies at the Weizmann is applicable here too. In particular, see the paragraphs about Who should apply to Studies at FGS/WIS and about entering a student-advisor relationship.

Although not formally required, it is strongly advised that potential candidates contact the desired supervisor prior to their application. In fact, this is almost mandatory.

Applications should be made directly to FGS, using the forms avialable from the FGS homepage.


The Weizmann Institute of Science resides in a very nice campus, which is located about 25Km of Tel-Aviv, 55Km of Jerusalem, and 15Km of Israel's main international airport (Ben-Gurion).

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