Papers on Zero-Knowledge by Oded Goldreich

Zero-knowledge proofs are probabilistic and interactive proofs that efficiently demonstrate membership in the language without conveying any additional knowledge. The wide applicability of zero-knowledge was demonstrated in Proofs that Yield Nothing But their Validity or All Languages in NP have Zero-Knowledge Proofs, coauthored by Goldreich, Micali and Wigderson [JACM, July 1991]. In particular, assuming the existence of one-way functions, it is shown that every language in NP has a zero-knowledge proof system. This work is not avialbale on-line, yet most of the material is covered in Foundations of Cryptography - Fragments of a Book [by Oded Goldreich]. (See also an extract of the relevant part.)

A TUTORIAL ON ZERO-KNOWLEDGE (2002) is available.

The following papers can be obtained in PostScript (papers are ordered by the full author-list):

See also web-pages on Knowledge Complexity and on Probabilistic Proof Systems (at large).

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