Ran Raz: Publications:
Other Papers

  1. ``The Surprise Examination Paradox and the Second Incompleteness Theorem'' ,
    S.Kritchman, R.Raz,

  2. ``A Time Lower Bound for Satisfiability'',
    D. van Melkebeek, R.Raz,

  3. ``ProMate: A Structure Based Prediction Program to Identify the Location of Protein Protein Binding Sites'',
    H.Neuvirth, R.Raz, G.Schreiber,

  4. ``Distance Labeling in Graphs'',
    C.Gavoille, D.Peleg, S.Perennes, R.Raz,

  5. ``VC-Dimension of Sets of Permutations'',

  6. ``Lower Bounds on the Distortion of Embedding Finite Metric Spaces in Graphs'',
    Y.Rabinovich, R.Raz,

  7. ``Arthur-Merlin Games in Boolean Decision Trees'',
    R.Raz, G.Tardos, O.Verbitsky, N.Vereshchagin,