Ran Raz: Publications:
Probabilistically Checkable Proofs

  1. ``How to Delegate Computations: The Power of No-Signaling Proofs'' ,
    Y.Kalai, R.Raz, R.Rothblum

  2. ``Delegation for Bounded Space'' ,
    Y.Kalai, R.Raz, R.Rothblum

  3. ``Competing Provers Protocols for Circuit Evaluation'' ,
    G.Kol, R.Raz,

  4. ``Label Cover Instances with Large Girth and the Hardness of Approximating Basic k-Spanner'' ,
    M.Dinitz, G.Kortsarz, R.Raz,

  5. ``A Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Projection Games on Expanders'' ,
    R.Raz, R.Rosen,

  6. ``Bounds on Locally Testable Codes with Unique Tests'' ,
    G.Kol, R.Raz,

  7. ``Parallel Repetition of Two Prover Games'' (a short survey) ,

  8. ``Sub-Constant Error Probabilistically Checkable Proof of Almost-Linear Size'',
    D.Moshkovitz, R.Raz,

  9. ``Bounds on 2-Query Locally Testable Codes with Affine Tests'' ,
    G.Kol, R.Raz,

  10. ``Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Free Projection Games'',
    B.Barak, A.Rao, R.Raz, R.Rosen, R.Shaltiel,

  11. ``Two Query PCP with Sub-Constant Error'',
    D.Moshkovitz, R.Raz,

  12. ``A Counterexample to Strong Parallel Repetition'',

  13. ``Interactive PCP'',
    Y.Kalai, R.Raz,

  14. ``Sub-Constant Error Low Degree Test of Almost Linear Size'',
    D.Moshkovitz, R.Raz,

  15. ``Quantum Information and the PCP Theorem'',

  16. ``Approximating CVP to Within Almost-Polynomial Factors is NP-Hard'',
    I.Dinur, G.Kindler, R.Raz, S.Safra,

  17. ``PCP Characterization of NP: Towards a Polynomially Small Error Probability'',
    I.Dinur, E.Fischer, G.Kindler, R.Raz, S.Safra,

  18. ``A Sub-Constant Error-Probability Low-Degree Test, and a Sub-Constant Error-Probability PCP Characterization of NP'',
    R.Raz, S.Safra,

  19. ``Direct Product Results and the GCD Problem, in Old and New Communication Models'',
    I.Parnafes, R.Raz, A.Wigderson,

  20. ``A Parallel Repetition Theorem'',