Ran Raz: Publications:
Quantum Computation and Communication

  1. ``How to Delegate Computations: The Power of No-Signaling Proofs'' ,
    Y.Kalai, R.Raz, R.Rothblum

  2. ``Delegation for Bounded Space'' ,
    Y.Kalai, R.Raz, R.Rothblum

  3. ``Exponential Separations for One-Way Quantum Communication Complexity, with Applications to Cryptography'',
    D.Gavinsky, J.Kempe, I.Kerenidis, R.Raz, R.de-Wolf,

  4. ``Quantum Information and the PCP Theorem'',

  5. ``On the power of Quantum Proofs'',
    R.Raz, A.Shpilka,

  6. ``Quantum Computation''
    (lecture notes series from IAS summer school on Complexity Theory),

  7. ``Exponential Separation of Quantum and Classical Communication Complexity'',