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דף הבית של רונן אלדן

I'm faculty in the Department of Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
(Currently, I'm on Sabbatical at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

E-mail :My first name followed by my last (no dashes and such) at
Address: Department of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science, POB 26, Rehovot 76100, Israel

I manufacture latex and latex-related products.

My interests, on a low resolution: Anything that's high-dimensional, whether it's Probability, Functional Analysis, Metric Geometry, Computational Geometry, Mathematical Physics or Learning Theory.

My interests, on a higher resolution: Functional inequalities, Concentration of measure, High-dimensional convex geometry, Stochastic calculus, High-dimensional probabilistic algorithms, Probabilistic structures (with a geometric nature), Gaussian fields, Central limit theorems, Interacting particle systems, Random Graphs, Boolean analysis, Convex optimization, Neural networks, Computational Complexity.

One of my main long-term projects is to develop a technique, based on pathwise analysis and stochastic calculus, for analyzing high-dimensional objects. This note gives a flavor of the technique and some of its applications (it will appear in the 2022 ICM Proceedings).

In the unlikely scenario that someone wants to know what my interests are in a yet higher resolution, here is a link to a (more or less) updated research statement.

(as you can probably guess from the look of this page, I am also an avant-garde web designer).

Some past teaching

Geometry and Data Science (course page)
Random walks and Algorithms

Lecture notes for the talk series: From stochastic calculus to geometric inequalities (Concentration week on Geometric Functional Analysis)


Dan Mikulincer (Ph.D., 2021. Now at MIT)

Renan Gross (Ph.D., ongoing) (you should check out Renan's blog!)

Arianna Piana (Ph.D., ongoing).

Yotam Alexander (M.Sc., 2018).

Omer Shamir (M.Sc., 2020).

Tali Goldman (M.Sc., ongoing).

Publications and Preprints

For a full list of publications, see the Arxiv, Google Scholar or Mathscinet.

Some (randomly) selected papers: Some of my favorite publications, by other authors: *1* *2* *3* *4* *5* *6* *7* *8*