Alignment of Non-Overlapping Sequences

Yaron Caspi   and  Michal Irani


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Example 1: Alignment of Non-overlapping Sequences


                             Left sequence                                      Right sequence

                            Combined sequence
          (after automatic alignment of the two sequences in time and in space)
Example 2: Generation of Wide-Screen Movies

                                       Left sequence                                        Right sequence

                             Click to see the generated wide-screen  movie
                            (after spatio-temporal alignment of the two sequences)

Example 3 Multi-Sensor Alignment

    This example illustrates alignment of sequences from sensors with different modalitie      
          IR sequence                                                 Visible Light  sequence
    In the IR sequence the details of the trees outside are visible,
    but the inside of the library is not. In the visible light sequnce
    the inside is visible, but the details of the trees outside are not.

               Fused sequence after spatio-temporal alignment

          (Both the inside and the outside of the library are visible)
    Example 4: Aligning Across Large Scale Differences:
                 Zoomed-out sequence                                                 Zoom-in sequence

                Spotting sequence (After Spatio-temporal Alignment)

    Example 5: Spotting Hooligans in Soccer Games:
                  Wide sequence                                                                  Zoom-in sequence


                  Spotting sequence (After Spatio-temporal Alignment)
          Wide-FOV sequnce                                                 Narrow-FOV sequence
          with spotted narrow-FOV                                       (zoomed in on the presumed Huligans)
          after spatio-temporal alignment


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