The Seminar is being held every Thursday, 12:00 - 13:00 at Ziskind 1

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Past Seminars and Events

April 3, 2008, Matan Protter (Technion)
Super-Resolution without explicit motion estimation

April 10, 2008, Tomer Amiaz(Tel-Aviv University)
Advances in Optical Flow Estimation

April 17, 2008, Ohad Ben-Shahar(Ben-Gurion University)
On Shape from Specular Flow, or... Does it make any sense to move your head when you look at a mirror?

March 27, 2008, Guy Ben-Yosef (Ben-Gurion University)
Texture segregation via curvature computation with early visual mechanisms

March 20, 2008, Nathan Srebro (TTI-Chicago)
More Data Less Work: SVM Training in Time Decreasing with Larger Data Sets

March 6, 2008, Nir Sochen (Tel-Aviv University)
Group Representation Approach to Digital Signal Processing

Feb 14, 2008, Meirav Galun(Weizmann)
Image and Data Analysis by Multiscale Approaches

January, 24, 2008, Yacov Hel-Or (IDC)
A Discriminative Framework for Wavelet Denoising
Please note unusual place (Faculty room 141).

January, 17, 2008, Amnon Shashua (Hebrew University)
Optimization and Inference

January, 10, 2008, Lior Wolf (Tel Aviv University)
Non-homogeneous Content-Driven Video Retargeting

January, 3, 2008, Michael Black (Brown Uiversity)
Recovering detailed 3D models of human shape and pose from images