Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Weizmann Institute of Science 

Mathematical Analysis and Applications Seminar

  Tuesdays at  11:00
Ziskind 1

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Fall 2009:

Date Speaker Title Host
Nov 3
(joint with Vision)
R. Fattal
Edge-Avoiding Wavelets and their Applications Levin
Nov 10 O. Sarig
Generic points for horocycle flows on hyperbolic surfaces of infinite genus  
Nov 17      
Nov 24 L. Ryzhik
U. Of Chicago
 Waves and particles in random media with slowly decaying correlations  
Dec 1  D. Novikov
  Infinitesimal Hilbert 16th: Integrable Case  
Dec 8      
Dec 15 (Hanuka)       
Dec 22 G. Baruch
New singular solutions of the biharmonic NLS Titi  
Dec 29
AT 10:00
V. Liskevich
Swansea U.
Qualitative properties of second-order quasi-linear elliptic and parabolic equations  Solomyak
Dec 31
  Workshop at  BGU
Organizer: V. Goldshtein
Co-organizer: E.  Titi (WIS).
 The Twelfth Applied and Computational Math  workshop  

Winter 2010:

Date Speaker Title Host
Jan 5        
Jan 12 Y. Yomdin
Reconstruction of Semi-Algebraic Sets from Integral Measurements and Moment vanishing Problem   
Jan 19 I. Bright
 A Poincare-Bendixon result for infinite horizon control problems  
Jan 26  Z. Artstein
Feb 2 B. Khesin
U. of Toronto
 Contact integrability and pseudo-Euclidean billiards  
Feb 9  M. Grinfeld   TBA  
Feb 16      
Feb 23      
Mar 2      
Mar 9      

Winter 2009:

Date Speaker Title Host
January 6
T. Gross,
Max-Planck Institute
New approaches to the dynamics of social systems      Nadler
January 20 Y. Or
  Dynamics and control of bio-locomotion: low Reynolds number swimming near a wall.  Flash
January 27
 L. Lerman
U. of Nizhny Novgorod
 Hamiltonian Dynamics Near Nontransverse Homoclinic Orbit to Saddle-Focus Equilibrium   
February 3
  I. Polterovich
U. of Montreal / WIS
 Dynamical aspects of spectral asymptotics     
February 17  P.  Rosenau
 On Compactification of Nonlinear Patterns and Waves    Titi
February  24
 D. Tannor
 On the Passage from the Time-dependent Schrodinger Equation to Newton’s Laws
February 25
Wednesday at 13:00
 M. Levitin
Cardiff University
Symmetry tricks in spectral geometry  Polterovich
March  3
 S.  Hart
 Dynamics and Equilibrium    Kannai
March 17  S. Favorov
Kharkov State University
   Zero sets of entire functions of exponential type with some conditions on real axis   Dym
March 18
Wednesday at 13:00
Zyskind 261
C. Bardos  Euler euqation and interfaces in fluids  Titi
March 24  P. Holmes
The neuromechanics of lamprey swimming or, 
An elastic rod with a mind of its own
March 31  
 April 7  M. Radnovic
Mathematical Institute SANU
 Poncelet porisms and billiard algebra on hyperelliptic Jacobians.     
April 21  J. Schiff
  Bohmian mechanics with complex action: a new semiclassical
approximation to quantum mechanics
April 30  The IMU meeting at Weizmann             
May 5 A. Ilyin
Keldysh Institute
 Lower bounds for the spectrum of the Laplace and Stokes operators  Titi
May 12   O. Holtz
 TBA  Dym
May  26
June 2 R. Kupferman
 Non-Euclidean Elasticity Theory  Titi
June 9
 D. Givoli
  New Absorbing Boundary Formulations for Exterior Wave Problems  Titi
June 16
 Y. Kevrekidis
 Princeton University
 Computational coarse-graining of graph evolution  Titi
June 23 G. Wolansky
New links between the weak KAM and Optimal transportation (Monge problem)
 July 2   Workshop at  the Technion
Organizers: Y. Agnon & J. Rubenstein
 The eleventh Applied and Computational Math  workshop  
 July 7   M. Weinstein
 Columbia U.
  Cloaking, Invisibility and Change of Variables   
July 28 A. S. Ackleh
 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Evolutionary Game Theory on Measure Spaces
Aug 11 A. Iserles
Cambridge University
Asymptotic Numerics of Highly Oscillatory Equations Titi
Aug 18
(joint  with Vision)
Yaron Lipman
Princeton University
Volume transportation for surfaces Irani

Fall 2008:

Date Speaker Title Host
November 4 A. Yochelis
Localized States in an Activator-Inhibitor Approach to Cardiovascular
November 24
Monday @ 16:00
H. Foellmer
Humboldt University
Convex risk measures and their dynamics Artstein
December 23 G. Lerman's
U. Minnesota
Multi-manifold data modeling via spectral curvature clustering  Nadler
December 30 Workshop at TAU
Organizer: G. Fibich
The tenth Applied and Computational Math workshop      

Summer 2008:

Date Speaker Title Host
June 10 G. Tadmor
Northeastern University
A Unified Framework for Low Order Galerkin Flow Models and Feedback Flow Control   
June 12
Thursday at 10:00
M. Feinberg
Ohio State University

An Introduction to Chemical Reaction Network Theory

June 17 E. Segal
Studying Biology with Probabilistic Graphical Models   
July 1 J. Breuer
Reflectionless spectral measures and their application for the spectral
analysis of radial trees
July 8 M. Slemrod
U. of Wisconsin
Conservation laws: transonic flow and differential geometry Artstein
July 3  Workshop @ HUJI
Organizer: R. Kuperman
  The ninth  Applied and Computational Math workshop
July 15
M. Ben-Artzi
 Dispersive Equations and Oscillatory Integrals  
 July 16
Wednesday at 11:00
 R. Hadani
 University of Chicago
  The finite harmonic oscillator
  with applications to radar and communication
July 17
Thursday at 10:00
JP Eckman
U. of Geneve
A model of heat conduction Titi
July 22
S. Damelin
GSU and Wits
  A Walk through Energy, Discrepancy, Numerical Integration and
Group Invariant Measures on Measurable Subsets of Euclidean Space
July 31
Thursday at 10:00
H. Kocak
University of Miami
  Shadowing: Rigorous Computations in Chaotic Systems
Aug  5 E. Tadmor   TBA Titi

Winter 2008:

Date Speaker Title Host
Jan 8
 Omri Sarig
Pennsylvania State University
 Critical exponents for dynamical systems   Zvika
Jan 15 M.  Margaliot
 A Simplification of the Agrachev-Gamkrelidze Maximum Principle     
Jan 22
room 261
 Eli Tziperman
WIS & Harvard
  Dinosaur forecast: cloudy. (or: a high latitude atmospheric
convection mechanism for equable climate dynamics)
Jan 29
room 261
 David Kessler
Bar Ilan University
  The SIR Epidemic Model: The Difference a Delay Makes   
Feb 5 
Avy Soffer
Rutgers & WIS
Decay estimates for soutions of wave equations on Asymptotically conical domains.   
Feb 28

Avy Soffer
Rutgers & WIS
   Dispersive Wave equations in a box, a numerical challenge.
March 11 Professor Vladimir Oliker
The Aleksandrov problem of existence of hypersurfaces with given
integral Gauss curvature and optimal mass transport on $S^n$


April 1
Dan Mangoubi
MPIM, Bonn
 Tubular Neighborhoods of Nodal Sets.  
April 7
AT 14:30
De Witt Sumners
Florida State University
Random Knotting and Viral DNA Packing Katsnelson
April 8 Prof. Rosenblum 
Gotenburg, Sweden
 Spectral properties of the perturbed Landau Hamiltonian. Solomyak
April 15 Koby Rubinstein
 Technion &  Indiana University
Partial Differential Equations in Lens Design Titi
April 29 V.  Ivrii
U. Of Toronto
Spectral Asymptotics and Dynamics Solomyak
April 29
AT 14:00
in Pekeris room
L. Kartashova
J. Kepler University
Dynamics of nonlinear resonances Titi
May 4
at 11:00
in Pekeris room
G. Ariel
University of Taxas, Austin
A multiscale method for highly oscillatory ODEs Artstein
May 6 T. Solomon
Bucknell University
The effects of chaotic mixing on fronts, patterns, and synchronization of chemical reactions    
May 6
AT 15:00
in Pekeris room
B. Haak
UniversitÚ Bordeaux 1
On Kato's method for Navier-Stokes Equations   
May 13 M. Sodin
Weighted density of the exponents and non-classical
Sturm-Liouville spectral measures
May 27 S. Zelik
 U. of Surray
Damped wave equations with supercritical nonlinearities Titi

Fall 2007:

Date Speaker Title Host
September 11
R. Lewandowski
 University of Rennes 1
 Recent advances on large Eddy simulations of turbulent models  Edriss
October 23 L. Lerman
U. of Nizhny Novgorod
 Plane and radial solutions to the generalised Swift-Hohenberg equation on the plane        Vered   
October 25 Workshop @ WIS
D. Holcman & E. Korkotian
  Experimental biologists meet Theoreticians  
October 30 D. Turaev
  Unbounded energy growth in Hamiltonian systems with a slowly varying parameter.  Vered
November 6
D. Holcman
 Vesicles, microtubule and actin networks underlie neurite growth
November 13  P.R.Popivanov
IMI ,Bulgaria
 On the Gevrey solvability and hypoellipticity of several classes of
linear partial differential operators
November 20
Vladimir Golubyatnikov,
 Existence and stability of closed cycles in nonlinear dynamical systems of kinetic type.  Yomdin
November 27  B. Mityagin
Ohio State & WIS
  Instability zones of 1D periodic Schrodinger and Dirac operators
 whose potential is a trigonometric polynomial
December 4
Special presentation

for the Faculty
Ehud Hausman
Adv. and Patent Attorney,
Reinhold Cohn Partners

  Software-related inventions and patents       Zvika
December 11           
December 16-19 Workshop @ WIS
M. Aizenmann, G. Falkovich, V. Rom-Kedar
  Mathematical Physics Days at WIS    
December 25
Adi Ditkowski
    Infinity simulating boundary conditions for the heat equation
December 27 Workshop @ BIU
J. Schiff
   Applied Math meeting     


Date Speaker Title Host
Nov 7, 2006 Zvi Artstein
Averaging of ordinary differential equations revisited
Nov 14, 2006 Vered Rom-Kedar
G-CSF control of white blood cells (neutrophils) dynamics in the blood.  
Nov 21, 2006 Gadi Fibich
Waves in Nonlinear Lattices - Ultrashort optical pulses
and Bose-Einstein Condensates
Nov 28, 2006  Lennie Friedlander
U. of Arizona
 Regularized determinants of elliptic operators Michail Solomyak
Dec  5, 2006  No Seminar - Weizac event
Dec 12, 2006      
Dec 19, 2006
Shmuel Friedland
Boaz Nadler
Dec 26, 2006 Itzhak Barkana
Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.
A Modified Invariance Principle and Parameter
Convergence in Control with Uncertainty
Zvi Artstein
Dec 27, 2006
Wednesday at 11:00
Zyskind 261
Avner Peleg
U. of Arizona
Intermittent dynamics in massive multichannel
optical fiber communication systems
Edriss Titi
Jan 2, 2007 Raanan Fattal
UC Berkeley
  Non-Linear Image Filtering     
Jan 8, 2007
Monday at 13:15
  Lubomir Gavrilov
  Universite Paul Sabatier
   Quadratic centers of genus one  Dmitry Novikov
Jan 16, 2007  V. Ivrii
U. of Toronto
 Magnetic Schr÷dinger Operator: Geometry, Classical and Quantum Dynamics and Spectral Asymptotics  Michail Solomyak
Jan 23, 2007 Haim Brezis -
Distinguished lecture series
   Moni Naor
Jan 30, 2007       
Feb 6, 2007      
March 6, 2007 Gady Kozma
One cannot hear the winding number
March  13         
March 20 Amit Singer
  The 3D random computed tomography structuring of proteins and the spectral non-linear ICA algorithm  
April 17 C. Bardos
 University of Paris VII
  Analyticity and instabilites for the
   Kelvin Helmholtz and Rayleigh Taylor problems
Edriss Titi
May 1 Leah Edelstein-Keshet 
 Models of cell motility and polarization  
June 12 Vered Rom-Kedar
Can billiards approximate motion in multi-dimensional steep potentials?   
June 14, 2007
Thursday - all day
The Seventh Israeli Applied Math workshop
at Weizmann

June 19 Sergey Gonchenko
 Nizhny Novgorod
Towards a classification of Smale horseshoes
July 11
at 15:00, Zyskind 1
Alexei Novikov
Penn State University
Diffusion in fluid flows Edriss Titi
August 7, 2007 Ross Heath, University of Texas, Austin
 A discontinuous Galerkin method for the approximation of
collisionless plasmas  
Edriss Titi
September 11
Roger Lewandowski
 University of Rennes 1
Edriss Titi
October 23 *                 
November 13 Michael Margaliot

Spring 2006:

Date Speaker Title Host
March 21, 2006 Michael Margaliot
Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems: a Fuzzy Logic Approach Pavel Chigansky
March 29, 2006

Maxim Arnold
Sinai's Lab, Moscow

Ruling Parameter in 2D and 3D Navier-Stokes System

Edriss Titi
April 4, 2006 Gershon Wolansky
Dynamics of adhesive particles  and optimal transportation of mass  
May 16, 2006 Boris Zaltzman.
Transition from quasi-equilibrium to non-equilibrium double layer and 
onset of electroconvective instability
May 23, 2006  Special vision seminar      
May 30, 2006     Special vision seminar
June 6  Phill Holmes -
 Distinguished Lecturer  Series
Optimal decisions in the brain? From neural oscillators to stochastic
differential equations
June 13, 2006 Avi Soffer
June 20, 2006 Arik Yochelis
Reciprocal oscillons and nonmonotonic fronts in forced nonequilibrium systems
June 27, 2006 Leonid Kontorovich
Carnegie Mellon
A Concentration of Measure Inequality for Weakly Contracting Markov

Fall 2005:





September 20, 2005

Horacio G. Rotstein
 Boston University

Canard structures and subthreshold oscillations in single neuron models

Vered Rom-Kedar

November 1, 2005

L. Lerman
Nizhny Novgorod

Behavior of a singularly perturbed Hamiltonian system near its slow manifold

Vered Rom-Kedar

November 8, 2005

David Holcman

Modeling diffusion of receptors in cellular microstructures


November 15, 2005

G. Tadmor
Northeastern U.

Low order Galerkin models for feedback design in fluid flow

Zvi Artstein

November 22, 2005

Yosef Yomdin

Closed trajectories of plane systems of ODE's: Moments, Compositions,
and Algebraic Geometry of the Center equations


November 29, 2005

Milena Radnovic

Foliations of energy surfaces and singularities of curves


December 6, 2005

 Pavel Chigansky

Lyapunov exponents in Hidden Markov Models


December 13, 2005

 Nir Sochen

Certainty and Uncertainty in Filter Bank Design


December 20, 2005

J. Gibbon
 Imperial College, UK

The 3D-Euler equations & quaternions

Edriss Titi

December 27, 2005

Vladimir Derkach

Spectral problems for generalized Jacobi matrices

Harry Dym

January 3, 2006

Semi-Annual applied math day



January 10, 2006

Peter Gordon

 Propagation of fronts in porous media combustion


January  17, 2006

Boaz Nadler

Ionic permeation through open protein channels:
Atomic detail and continuum descriptions


January 24, 2006

Mark Agranovsky

 CR foliations and extensions into attached analytic discs
(the strip-problem, Globevnik-Stout conjecture and a Morera type theorem
 for CR manifolds)

Yosi Yomdin

January 31, 2006

Daniel Michelson

The asymptoticly periodic solutions of the radial Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation


February 7, 2006

Boaz Tsaban

A taste of Infinite-Combinatorial Real Analysis



Winter-Spring 2005:





January 2, 2005


Physics & Math at WIS


January  4, 2005

Dr. Boaz Ilan
U. of Colorado at Boulder

Carrier-envelope phase slip of ultrashort optical solitons

Vered Rom-Kedar

January 4, 2005
AT 14:00, room 261

Prof. E. Tadmor
U. of  Maryland

Critical Thresholds in Eulerian Dynamics


January 18, 2005
AT 14:00, room 261

Dr. Yair Glasner
University of Chicago

Amenable group actions

Itai Benjamini

February 1, 2005

no-MAAA seminar -special lecture



February  8, 2005

Prof. Itai Shafrir

A logarithmic HLS inequality for systems on compact manifolds

David Holcman

February 15, 2005

Daphne Zelig

Properties of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Schrodinger operator
 on two-dimensional binary trees.

David Holcman

February  22, 2005
AT 14:00
in Zyskind 261

Prof. V. Golubyatnikov,
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
Novosibirsk, Russia

Closed cycles and Hopf bifurcation in modeling of gene networks

Yosef Yomdin

March 8, 2005

Prof. Lazar Friedland
Racach Inst., HU

Autoresonant excitation and control of nonlinear waves.

Vered Rom-Kedar

March 9, 2005
Wednesday at 16:00
in Zyskind 261

Prof. A. Shilnikov
Georgia State University

Homoclinic saddle-node periodic orbits in singularly perturbed systems
of Hodgkin-Huxley type

Vered Rom-Kedar

April 5, 2005

Prof. G. Rozenblum
Chalmers University, Gotenburg

Zero modes of the Pauli operator and related problems in
function theory.

Michail Solomyak

April 12, 2005

Prof. E. Titi
WIS & UC Irvine

 Global Regularity for the Three-dimensional Primitive Equations of Ocean and Atmosphere Dynamics


April 19, 2005

Professor Il'ya Goldsheid

Towards a constructive approach to Lyapunov Exponents

Michail Solomyak

May 3, 2005

Professor A. Nepomnyashchy

Global Feedback Control of Morphological Instabilities in Directional

Edriss Titi

May 10, 2005

Dr. Haggai Katriel

Differentially Algebraic functions

Edriss Titi

May 16, 2005
Botnar Auditorium
JOINT seminar with


Dr. Mark Borodovsky
Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University

Modeling and Recognition of Functionally Important Regions in Biomolecular Sequences


May 16, 2005
MONDAY AT 10:00,
Zyskind 261

Professor Tudor Ratiu

EPFL- Switzerland
Some properties of the second grade fluid equations

Edriss Titi

May 17, 2005

Dr. Lavi Karp
Braude College, Carmiel

The initial value problem for the Einstein-Euler system

Edriss Titi

May 24, 2005

Distinguished lecture series-
Prof. S. P. Novikov

Topology of the generic Hamiltonian Systems on the Riemann Surfaces

Sergei Yakovenko

May 25, 2005
Wednesday at 16:15
Room 261

Yuri Burago
Steklov Mathematical Institute,
St. Petersburg

Bi-Lipschitz equivalence of Alexandrov surfaces and Chebyshev coordinates.

Michail Solomyak

May 26, 2005
Thursday at 14:00
Zyskind 261

Prof. Sergey Zelik
University of Sttutgart, Germany

Finite and infinite dimensional
attractors for degenerate parabolic equations

Edriss Titi

May 31, 2005

Prof. Danial Liberzon
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stability of switched systems

Zvika Artstein

June 2, 2005
Thursday at 14:00
Zyskind 261

Prof. Leonid Piterbarg
University of Southern California

Mixing Properties of a Stochastic Flow Modeling Lagrangian

Edriss Titi

June 7, 2005

Applied math workshop, HU



June 14, 2005

Distinguished lecture series-
Prof. I. Kervekidis
Princeton U.

Equation-free modeling for complex/multiscale systems

Edriss Titi

June 21, 2005

Prof. Norman Zabusky
Rutgers U.

Vorticity deposition and evolution in shock-accelerated flows:
analysis, computation and experiment.


July 5, 2005

Professor Martin Schechter

Critical Point Techniques Applied to PDE

Yakar Kannai

July 26, 2005

Prof. Jean-Pierre Eckmann
U. de Geneve

Boundary driven problems of hypoelliptic type (a review)

Edriss Titi

Aug 2, 2005

Prof. Eitan Tadmor
University of Maryland

A multiscale image representation using hierarchical $(BV,L^2)$-decompositions

Edriss Titi














* = tentatively reserved. 


Fall 2004:





Oct 19, 2004

Prof. Y. Yomdin

Closed trajectories of plane systems of ODE's, Moments, Iterated
Integrals, and Compositions


Oct 26, 2004

Prof. Y. Kifer
Hebrew U.

New directions in fully coupled averaging for dynamical systems

David Holcman

Nov 2, 2004

Prof. R. Pinsky

Positive solutions of reaction diffusion equations with super-linear absorption:
universal bounds, uniqueness for the Cauchy problem, boundedness of stationary solutions.

David Holcman

Nov 9, 2004

Distinguished lecture series


Moni Naor

Nov 16, 2004

Prof. S. Kamin
Tel Aviv University.

Metastable Behavior of Premixed Gas Flames in
Rectangular Channels

David Holcman

Nov 23, 2004

Dr. Michael Margaliot
EE, Tel Aviv University.

Stability Analysis of Switched Systems and Differential Inclusions

Vered Rom-Kedar

Nov 30, 2004




Dec 7, 2004

Prof. P. Rosenau
Tel Aviv University.

On transport processes with a flux limited diffusion 

David Holcman

Dec 12, 2004

Prof. I. Kupka
Paris  VI, France

New minimality criteria for geodesics of the Hofer metric

David Holcman

Dec 14, 2004

Prof. V. Afraimovich
UASLP, Mexico

Complexity functions and complexity measures in dynamical systems.

Vered Rom-Kedar

Dec 21, 2004
AT 11:00, Ziskind 1

Prof.  A. Gabrielov
Purdue U.

Degree of the real Wronski map

Yosef Yomdin

Dec 21, 2004
AT 14:00, Ziskind 261

Prof. I. Sigal
Notre Dame University

Collapse and blowup dynamics in Yang-Mills, nonlinear Schroedinger and Keller-Segel equations.


Dec 23, 2004




Dec 26, 2004

Prof. O. Schramm

Dynamic percolation, exceptional times, and harmonic analysis of boolean functions

Itai Benjamini

Dec 28, 2004
AT 11:00, Ziskind 1

Prof. G. Zaslavsky

Chaotic and Pseadochaotic field lines

Vered Rom-Kedar

Dec 28, 2004
AT  14:00, Ziskind 261

Dr. Boaz Nadler

Diffusion Maps, Spectral Clustering and Reaction Coordinates of Dynamical Systems





Winter 2004:

January 6, 2004

Prof. E. Gutkin
Penn State

Security and Billiards

January 8, 2004
AT Zyskind 261

Prof. A. Chorin
UC Berkeley

Prediction from Partial Data
and Nonequilbrium Statstical Mechanics

January 13, 2004
Joint with Bioinformatics

Dr. E. Tannenbaum

Semiconservative Replication in the Quasispecies Model

January 20, 2004

Ilan Degani,

Right Correction Magnus Series Integrators for Oscillatory ODE's

January 27, 2004



February 3, 2004

Leonid Fridman
National Autonomous University of Mexico

Singularly perturbed relay control systems

February 10, 2004



February 17, 2004

Prof. Uzy Smilansky

Comments on quantum dissipation

February 24, 2004

Prof. Michail Solomyak

On a differential operator appearing in the theory of irreversible
quantum graphs.

March 2, 2004

Prof. Yakar Kannai

Concave utility functions on finite sets

March 9, 2004

Dr. Lilach Hadany
Stanford University

A new look on an old problem: How parameter dependence can help explain
the evolution of recombination

March 16, 2004

Dr. Milena Radnovich

Poncelet's theorem and analytical conditions for periodic trajectories of
ellipsoidal billiards

March 23, 2004

Dr. David Holcman

Diffusion of receptors on a postsynaptic membrane and synaptic
plasticity, the role of diffusion.

March 30, 2004

Faculty Distinguished lecture series.


April 6



April 13, 2004

Prof. Kyril Tintarev

Nonlinear Schroedinger equation with magnetic field.

April 20, 2004

Prof. Jean-Pierre Eckmann
U. of Geneva

Liapunov exponents and Decay of correlations

April 27, May 4, 2004

Yom Haatzmaut, Faculty trip - no seminars


May 11, 2004

Prof. Gregory Falkovich,
Physics, WIS

Breakdown of symmetries in turbulence

May 18, 2004

Prof. Meir S Smorodinsky

Standard extension of stochastic processes (OR: If God is not playing dice,
Does He plays the Roulette?)

May 25, 2004

Shavuot - no seminar


June 1, 2004

Faculty Distinguished lecture series.


June 8, 2004

Prof. Boris Tsirelson

Random complex zeros: perturbed lattice

June 15, 2004

Workshop on Variational Limits
 June 15-18 at Weizmann.


June 22, 2004

Workshop on Dynamical Systems and control
June 20-22 at the Technion.


June 24, 2004
Thursday at 14:00.

Gady Kozma,

Analytic representation of functions and a new type of quasi-analyticity


* = tentatively reserved. 





Previous seminars:

Fall 2000    Winter 2001        Spring 2001     Summer 2001     Fall 2001    Winter 2002       Spring 2002  Fall 2002 

Winter 2003   Fall 2003


Fall 2003:


November 4, 2003

Prof. Edriss Titi

The Navier-Stokes-alpha model and Turbulence Theory

November 11, 2003


November 18, 2003

Prof. Victor Ivrii
Toronto U.

Sharp Spectral Asymptotics for Operators with Irregular Coefficients

November 25, 2003

Prof. Yehuda Pinchover

Large time behavior of the heat kernel

December 2, 2003

Dr. Pavel Chigansky
Tel Aviv University.

Stability of nonlinear filtering equation for nonmixing signals.

Decemebr 9, 2003

Dr. Misha Sodin
Tel Aviv University.

Nodal domains of harmonic functions and Laplace eigenfunctions

Decemebr 16, 2003

Prof. Vitali Liskevich
Bristol, UK

Estimates for fundamental solutions of second-order parabolic equations with singular lower order terms

December 21, 2003

Prof. Milman

Differentiable functions defined in closed sets. A problem of Whitney

December 23, 2003

Mini-workshop on Applied Math:

register to help us in the organization


December 28, 2003

Prof. Israel Sigal
U. of Toronto

Some mathematical questions related to the Bose-Einstein condensation

December 30, 2003

Dr. Igor Zelenko,
SISSA, Italy

Dynamical Approach to Problem of Equivalence of Rank 2 Vector Distributions



Winter 2003:


January 5, 2003

Noam Berger

Biased random walk on percolation clusters.

January 12, 2003

Dr. Gady Kozma

Random homeomorphisms and Fourier expansions - the pointwise case

January 19, 2003

Professor Victor Ivrii
University of Toronto

Sharp spectral asymptotics for operators with irregular coefficients

January 21, 2003

Dr. Bassam Dally
University of Adelaide

Single-point Raman-Rayleigh-LIF Measurements of Reacting Jet in a Hot and Diluted Coflow

January 26, 2003

Dr. Elza Farhi
Tel-Aviv University

Spline Subdivision schemes for Compact Sets

February 2, 2003

Dr. Elena Litsyn
Ben-Gurion University

On Differential Equations with State Dependent Impulses

February 9, 2003

Prof. Dov Aharonov

Minimal area problems with side conditions

February 16, 2003

Dr. Gadi Fibich

Discretization effects in the nonlinear Schrodinger equation

February 23, 2003

Prof. Yakar Kannai

Uniform asymptotics for heat kernels of degenerate operators

March 2, 2003

Prof. Gershon Wolansky

Realtions between Moser-Trudinger and Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev
inequalitis, and some of its applications

March 9, 2003

Prof. Lev Birbrair
Universidade Federal do Ceara (Brazil)

Lipschitz invariants of singularities

March 16, 2003

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar

On the structure of near integrable multi-dimensional Hamiltonian systems.


March 25, 2003,

Prof. Arieh Iserles
Cambridge University, UK

On the Computation of Matrix Exponential

March 30, 2003

Prof. Moshe Marcus

Semilinear Elliptic PDE with Measure Boundary Data


April 6, 2003

Prof. Simeon Reich

Hyperbolic Monotonicity

April 13, 2003

Prof. Moshe Goldberg

Stable Difference Schemes for Parabolic Systems--An Update


April 27, 2003

Prof. Philip Rosenau
Tel Aviv University

Why singularities are good for you, or: On genuinely nonlinear patterns
in dispersive medium.

May 4, 2003

Prof.  Boris Paneah



September 18, 2003
(Thursday at 11:00)

Prof. Michael Weinstein

Selection of the ground state for nonlinear Schr÷dinger equation

September 21, 2003

Prof. Michael Grinfeld

Multiplicity of Solutions in Mean Field Theories



Fall 2002

October 13

Prof. Alexander Ramm                  

Dynamical systems method for solving linear and non-linear ill-posed
and well posed operator equations.


October 15
Faculty seminar

Dr. Dmitry Turaev
Weierstrass Institute

Richness of chaos in two-dimensional area-preserving maps

November  3



November  10

Dr. Dan Romik
The Weizmann Institute

Limit shapes of random partitions

November  17            


Omer Angel

The Weizmann Institute


Random infinite planar graphs  


November  24      

 Prof. Amy Novick-Cohen


Coupled surface diffusion and motion by mean curvature

December 1

Hanuka -no seminar


December 8


Prof. Allen Tannenbaum
Georgia Tech & Technion


Curvature Driven Flows for Problems in Image Guided Therapy and Surgery

December 15


Dr. Daniel Levin



On isoperimetric dimensions of product spaces


December 17
Faculty seminar

Dr. Dmitri Vainchtein
UC Santa barbara

By a resonance path to optimal control

December 22

Dr. Dmitri Vainchtein
UC Santa barbara


Resonance phenomena in Hamiltonian and volume-preserving systems


December 29

Prof. Alex Eremenko
Purdue U.


Oscillation of Fourier Integrals with a spectral gap.





Spring 2002:

April 14

Dr. Shahar Mendelson
Australian National Univ.

 Entropy and the Shattering dimension.

April 21

Dr. Marianna Csornyei
Univ. College

 Structure of exceptional sets and related problems of geometric measure theory

April 28

Prof. Smadar Karni
U. of

Computations of multiphase flows

May 5

Prof. Poul Hjorth
DTU, Denmark 

Tip of the Iceberg

May 12

Dr. Dmitry Novikov
Purdue University

 Convex-concave hypersurfaces in real projective space

May 19 



May 26

Prof.  Michael Farber
Tel Aviv U.

Topology and Robotics: Instabilities of Robot Motion

June 2

Prof. Marshall Slemrod
UW Madison

 Remarks on the Euler Poisson equations.

June 9



June 16



June 23

Prof. Pierre Milman
University of

Differentiable functions defined on closed sets.  A problem of Whitney.  



Winter 2002:

Jan 6 

Prof. A. Shnirelman, TAU

Inverse-cascade solutions of the Euler equations.

Jan 13

Dr. David Holcman, WIS

Small noise perturbations of dynamical systems on manifolds, a PDE approach

Jan 15
(Tuesday, at

Dr. David Holcman, WIS

Calcium diffusion in dendritic spines

Jan 20 

Prof. Smadar Karni,
          U. of Michigan/WIS

All Shock Waves - Fast and Slow

Jan 27

Vered Rom-Kedar


  Soft billiards with corners

Feb 3

Dr. Emilia Fridman, TAU

New Lyapunov Functionals for Stability and Control of Linear Functional Differential Equations

Feb 10

Prof. Ehud Meron,   BGU

Desert Story Patched Together

Feb 17

Prof. Sergei Yakovenko, WIS

Bolibruch impossibility theorem for Riemann--Hilbert problem

Feb 24

Prof. Georgy Burde, BGU

Some symmetry-based methods for finding special solutions of partial differential equations

March 3

Itamar Procaccia


Statistically Preserved Structures and the Anomalous Statistics of
Turbulent Advection

March 10

Prof. Zvika Artstein


Measure-valued solutions to singularly perturbed dynamical systems

Fall 2001 seminars:

Oct  21:     No seminar- meeting with new students

Oct  28:     Prof.

Smilansky, WIS      Counting Nodal Domains

Nov 4:        Prof. Yossi Yomdin, WIS     Center-Focus Problem, Moments, Compositions, Plane Algebraic Curves -some new developments

Nov 11:      Prof. Achi Brandt,     WIS     Computational complexity of elementary particles.

Nov 18:      Dr. Alexander Vikhansky, BGU  Free Surface Problems of Granular Materials.

Dec 9:          Prof. Vojkan Jaksic, McGill, Montreal      Spectral theory of corrugated surfaces

Dec 23:       Prof. Hector J. Sussmann, Rutgers University              Selection theorems and needle variations for lower semicontinuous
                                                                                                                differential inclusions

Dec 25:      Prof. Edriss Titi, UC Irvine                                            Mathematical Study of Certain  Geophysical Models
at 11:00 Faculty seminar

Dec 30:       Prof. Istvan Gyori, University of Veszprem, Hungary,  Mathematical models in population biology.

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