Photometric Stereo Images Database

The database contains images of 8 toy objects. The images were photographed in different lighting conditions, there are around 10 images for each subject.

The images: [zip 34Mb]

3D laser scans of these objects: [webpage]

IJCV 2007 Paper: [webpage]

You are free to use this data  for research purposes. If experimental results are obtained that use images from within the database, all publications of these results should acknowledge the use of the "Weizmann Photometric Stereo Database" and reference the paper: 

author = {"Ronen Basri and David Jacobs and Ira Kemelmacher"},
title = {"Photometric Stereo with General, Unknown Lighting."},
journal = {"International Journal of Computer Vision"},
year = {"2007"}
pages = {"239--257"}

Without permission from Weizmann Institute, images from within the database cannot be incorporated into a larger database which is then publicly distributed.

If you have any trouble, questions or comments regarding the database please email 

Ira Kemelmacher (

Computer Vision Lab
Weizmann Institute of Science