Vision and Robotics Seminar 2002

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Dec 26 - Aya Aner
Video de-Abstraction or How to save money on your wedding video .

Dec 19 - Haim Permuter (Ben-Gurion University)
"Shape From Texture": Estimating the Orientation of Planar Surfaces -- Algorithms and Bounds .

Nov 27 - Dr. Michael Elad (Stanford University)
On sparse representations and the basis pursuit algorithm.

Nov 21 - Anat Levin (Hebrew University)
Learning to perceive transparency from the statistics of natural scenes.

Nov 14 - Amnon Shashua (Hebrew University)
Learning over instance spaces made out of sets with application
to video sequence interpretation

June 27 - Amiram Moshaiov (Tel-Aviv University)
Biologically Inspired Vision System for the
Detection of Partially Occluded Objects

July 18 - Assaf Zomet (Hebrew University)
Multi-Sensor Super Resolution.

June 20 - Noam Shental (Hebrew University)
Adjustment Learning and Relevant Component Analysis.

June 13 - Ronen Basri (Weizmann)
Lambertian Reflectance and Linear Subspaces.

June 6 - Anat Levin (Hebrew University)
Principal Component Analysis Over Continuous
Subspaces and Intersection of Half-spaces

May 23 - Yakov Hel-Or (IDC)
Real Time Pattern Matching.

May 9 - Eli Shechtman (Weizmann)
Increasing Space-Time Resolution in Video.

May 2 - Moshe Machline (Weizmann)
Multi-body Segmentation: Revisiting Motion Consistency.

Apr. 25 - Iddo Drori (Tel Aviv University)
Example-Based Style Synthesis.

Apr. 18 - Dov Sagi (Neurobiology, Weizmann)
Networks of human vision: Connectivity and plasticity.

Mar. 25 - Yoni Wexler (Oxford University)
Environment and Alpha Matting from Image Sequences.

Feb. 28 - Eitan Sharon (Weizmann)
Multiscale in vision: image segmentation and boundary detection
using adaptive measurements in multiple levels

Feb. 21 - Yair Weiss (Hebrew U.)
Deriving intrinsic images from image sequences.

Feb. 14 - Aya Aner (Columbia U.)
Compact Video Summaries and Video Cross-Referencing.

Feb. 7 - Greg Shakhnarovich (MIT)
Combining face and gait in view-independent recognition.

Jan. 31 - Tal Hassner (Weizmann)
What Does the Scene Look Like from a Scene Point?

Jan. 17 - Daphna Weinshall (Hebrew University)
Perspective Unbound: Visionary Rendering.

Jan. 10 - Frank W. Grasso (Brooklyn College, CUNY, New York &
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA)
Odor tracking in the turbulent flow environments with lobster-inspired robots.

Jan. 3 - Eran Borenstein (Weizmann)
Class-based, Top-down Segmentation.

Dec. 27 - Vision day (sponsored by Ministry of Science) --
will be held in Ebner Hall at Weizmann.
See schedule (doc, htm).

Dec. 20 - Danny Keren (Haifa U.)
Bayesian Anecdotes - Two Applications of the Bayesian
Method to Computer Vision.

Dec. 6 - Yael Moses (IDC)
Shape Reconstruction of 3D Bilaterally Symmetric Objects.

Nov. 29 - Shai Avidan (IDC)
Support Vector Tracking.

Nov. 15 - Yoav Schechner (Columbia U.)
Unconventional Imaging: Optical Coding and Digital Decoding.

Nov. 8 - Lihi Zelnik-Manor (Weizmann)
Event-Based Analysis of Video.