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The War, Otto Dix, 1932 The Pillars of Society, George Grosz, 1926

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My political views (a brief summary (from early 2000s)):

The Israeli society has been degenerating morally and intellectually for several decades, and has reached a disgustingly low point. This degeneration is due in part to a global degeneration (lead by the USA), but is actually dominated by a local factor: I refer to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which is a brutal system of ethnic subordiantion (i.e., a system that violates the most basic human rights of the Palestinians and brutalizes the Israeli society). Thus, the single most important change that should take place is the immediate ending of this occupation.

Turning from the most concrete and immediate to the most general and long-range, I call for moving from a soceity organized according to the rational of capital-gain (i.e., a Capitalist soceity) to a soceity organized for the benefit of mankind (i.e., a Socialist soceity). In the short range, the neo-conservative attack on the welfare-state and organized labor has to be blocked, and social (i.e., democratic) regulation of the economy has to be promoted.

And in the meanwhile (as well as in the latter days), I call for safe-guarding of human rights. In particular, I call for the de-militarization of the Israeli Society, abolishing all forms of discrimination against Israeli Arabs, Women, and Gay/Lesbians, providing fair treatment of foreign workers, separation of State and Religious Affairs, and providing a critical analysis of (mass and elite) Culture.

A concrete suggestion: support HADASH (see facebook site), the only political party in the Israeli parliament that is committed to all these views.

[Last update: March 15th, 2006]

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