Hila Dahari

PhD Student

Department of Computer Science
Weizmann Institute of Science

Ziskind Building, Room 258

About me

I am a PhD student at the Weizmann Institute of Science where I am very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Moni Naor, and I am currently a part time visiting student at FACT center.

My research interests are in the field of foundations of cryptography and complexity, with a focus on zero-knowledge proofs.

I am a fellow of the Ariane de Rothschild Women Doctoral Program.

I received my MSc from the Department of Computer Science at Bar Ilan University, where I was honored to be under the guidance of Prof. Yehuda Lindell.


Towards Accountability in CRS Generation

with Dr. Gilad Asharov, Dr. Prabhanjan Ananth, and Prof. Vipul Goyal.

In EUROCRYPT (2021). [video, slides]

Deterministic-Prover Zero-Knowledge Proofs

with Prof. Yehuda Lindell.


  • Teacher in Seminar on Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Bar-Ilan University, 2021.

  • TA in Discrete Mathematics 2, Bar-Ilan University, 2019-2021.

  • TA in Discrete Mathematics 1, Bar-Ilan University, 2019-2021.

  • TA in Introduction to Cryptography, Weizmann Institute of Science, 2019/20.

  • TA in Introduction to Cryptography, Bar-Ilan University, 2018/9.

More Activities

I co-organize The Weizmann forum for women in Mathematics and Computer Science. To receive information about our activities, please join our google group.
In addition, I am a member in the Committee for Gender Equality and Advancement of Women in Science‏ at Weizmann Institute of Science.