The Shimon Even Funds

Shimon Even was born in Israel on June 15th, 1935. He died on May 1st, 2004.
In addition to his pioneering research contributions (most notably to Graph Algorithms and Cryptography), Shimon is known for having been a highly influential educator. He played a major role in establishing computer science education in Israel (e.g., at the Weizmann Institute and the Technion). He served as a source of professional inspiration and as a role model for generations of young students and researchers.

To commemorate Shimon Even, funds have been created for the purpose of handing awards to graduate students in Theoretical Computer Science. Unfortunately, due to various regulations, it was not possible to pursue the original intension of having a single Israeli-wide award. Instead, two awards were established, one confined to students at the Technion and the other confined to students at Weizmann Institute. Each award will be administrated by the corresponding institute.

The Shimon Even Award at WIS was first handed in 2006, and is scheduled to be given every second year. For details see HERE.

For the historical record, we provide below one of the original statement regarding the creation of the two funds. Additional donations are (still) welcome; contact Oded Goldreich (oded.goldreich at for details.

Statement of intentions for The SHIMON EVEN FUND at the Weizmann Institute

(The following text represents our intentions regarding the operation of the fund. Although we will try to formally establish the fund with a set of regulations that reflect the these intentions, we cannot make a legally binding promise at this time, and the following text should be interpreted accordingly. The Technion fund is likely to have a similar set of regulations.)

Aim: Awards for FGS Graduate Students in Theoretical CS.

Eligibility: Any full-time student at the Feinberg Graduate School (FGS) of the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) that has complete some work that falls within the scope of the standard Theoretical CS conferences. In accordance with Shimon's professional preferences, priority will be given to work that is within the scope of the FOCS/STOC conferences. (It is NOT required that the work has actually appeared at these conferences nor that it has appeared or will appear as part of the candidate thesis.)

Due to various regulations, the use of the award money is restricted to cover research expenses such as purchase of professional literature, editing equiptment, and travel to important conferences and workshop.

Criteria: In accordance with Shimon's values, candidates will be evaluated based on the merits of their work. In evaluating the latter, the key criteria will be (1) the natural appeal of the problem being studied, (2) the significant of the contribution to that problem, (3) the originality of the work, and the carefulness of the execution.

Procedures: The award committee will review potential candidates, and seek outside opinions regarding their achievements if necessary. The default would be to hand a single award every second year, but in very special circumstances additional (or less) awards can be handed out.

Administration of Donations to the Fund (or How To Donate)

Currently, the Weizmann Fund is more in need of additional donations. If you wish to donate, please contact Oded Goldreich, or just send a check payable to "Weizmann Institute of Science" to Oded Goldreich, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL

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