For The Record: Political Notes by Oded Goldreich

Children enthusiastic about the state, its army, and its wars.
[A comparative study, in photos]

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This photo requires no graphical comparison. It was taken in a demo of Israel Fascists in Tel-Aviv (Aug 2014). It is not clear to me if they were not aware of the original or were trying to preempt the parallel and say that they don't fear it.

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One State
One Leader

Shuhada street in Hebron used to be a busy market (see left). For twenty years now it is a prison (see right): The entries to the houses are sealed, the terraces are cages, the inhabitants can only enter and exit via their back door so that the street is ``safe for Jews''.

click for big In general, the 180,000 Palestinian inhabitants of the city are oppressed for the protection of a few hundred jewish settlers

Israel's PM (June 2015): Israel is more respectful of human rights than ISIS.

On How things changed in 25 year as reflected in a newspaper article on Moshe Feiglin (published Dec 1995, reproduced in Mar 2019).

The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism: see Hebrew and English texts (2020).

Actual texts (by O.G.):

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