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Following are personal texts I wrote on scientific (or semi-scientific) matters.

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The heat in Israel [by the US Embassy, TLV]

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[From The Hearing Trumpet, Leonora Carrington]


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2001 [see more] WIS poster (2003) at RIAS (2004)

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In memory of lost places: Jos ve Los,

Politics (enter at your own risk!)

In case you are curious about my political views, see, but do note that in doing so you may subject yourself to contents that may annoy you (and that I'll assume no responsibility for your annoyance).

Politics and Academia (in Israel): The administration of higher-education has always been part of public politics. However, till the late 1980's the political powers in Israel showed little interest in the administration of higher-education and left it to the universities themselves. Things have changed since then, and so addressing these changes is called for. My feeling is that posting opinions on these issues seems less controvertial than the foregoing general political posting. In any case, see my page of opinions on politics and academia.

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