Registration and accomodation

The all-inclusive registration fee for the event is 615 euros for accomodation in a single room and 540 euros for shared accomodation in a double room. These fees cover all local expenses, including meals, coffee breaks and accomodation for 5 nights (Sunday to Friday). Accomodation is provided on the wonderful premises of Bertinoro Castle.

A few words about the registration process:

  1. Use the link below to fill the registration form. The system will then send you an email, asking that you click on a link to confirm your registration.
  2. Use your judgement whether to put in an ID/social security number (be ware it will appear in email confirmation and invoice, and you may or may not need it).
  3. If you pay by credit card, after filling the registration form, you will be taken to separate webpage for the credit card transaction.

Here is the link to the registration form.
Due to facility capacity limitations, participation is by invitation only.

For questions regarding local arrangements, including registration and accommodations issues, please contact Eleonora Campori at