Name Graduated Year Advisor Thesis
Noam Aigerman PhD 2017 Y. Lipman On bijective and low-distortion mapping of meshes
Ethan Fetaya PhD 2017 S. Ullman Learning with limited supervision
Amir Rosenfeld PhD 2017 S. Ullman Interpreting minimal recognizable action configurations
Anna Shtengel PhD 2017 Y. Lipman Geometric optimization via composite majorization
Sima Sabah MSc 2017 M. Irani The "AVI" descriptor: An Appearance and Viewpoint Invariant local video descriptor
Shahar Kovalsky PhD 2016 R. Basri, Y. Lipman Optimization of singular values for problems in computer graphics and vision
Konrad Simon PhD 2017 R.Basri Linear and nonlinear elasticity models for shape matching
Itay Kezurer PhD 2016 Y. Lipman Tight relaxation of quadratic matching
Michal Yarom MSc 2016 M. Irani Temporal-Needle: a view-invariant and appearance-invariant video descriptor
Alon Faktor PhD 2015 M. Irani Segmentation and clustering by composition using the wisdom of crowds of images
Maria Zontak PhD 2015 M. Irani Internal statistics of a single natural image
Inbar Aharon MSc 2015 Y. Lipman Two-layer Alignment between Images
Tomer Michaeli Post Doc 2015 M. Irani
Tal Amir MSc 2015 R. Basri Multi-view structure from motion using rank-constrained optimization
Elad Granot MSc 2015 M. Irani Inferring missing Z-Axis resolution from high-resolution X-Y slices
Ariel Hirszhorn MSc 2015 S. Ullman Contour Representation: Combining Biological and Computational Considerations
Eliahu Libman MSc 2015 Y. Lipman Average shape co-registration and foreground-background motion segmentation under a bounded distortion model
Or Lotan MSc 2015 M. Irani Needle-Match: Reliable Patch Matching under High Uncertainty
Omer Meir MSc 2015 R. Basri A multiscale variable-grouping framework for MRF energy minimization
Stav Yagev MSc 2015 M. Irani Software-Based Glass-Free Displays
Nimrod Dorfman PhD 2014 S. Ullman Modeling early human visual learning
Nati Ofir MSc 2014 R. Basri Efficient bayesian detection of faint curved edges in noisy images
Daniel Glasner PhD 2013 R. Basri A joint optimization approach to problems in computer vision
Orit Kliper-Gross PhD 2013 R. Basri Action recognition in challenging real-world videos
Inbar Mosseri MSc 2013 M. Irani Combining the power of internal and external denoising
Boris Teumkin MSc 2013 S. Ullman Body parts detection using reinforcement learning
Shai Bagon PhD 2013 M. Irani
Daniel Harari PhD 2012 S. Ullman Using motion and internal supervision in object recognition
Ofer Bartal MSc 2012 R. Basri Photometric stereo with unknown lighting and specular reflectance
Alon Faktor MSc 2012 M. Irani Visual inference by collaborative composition using the "wisdom of crowds of images"
Michael Klots MSc 2012 S. Ullman Context-free detection and classification of minimal recognizable images and configurations
Moran Meir MSc 2012 R. Basri Fibers, blood vessels and neurons
Kalman Berkowitz MSc 2011 S. Ullman Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up methods in the segmentation of a clothed torso in images
David Huberman MSc 2011 S. Ullman Detection of minimal recognizable parts
Mary Elizabeth Kolc MSc 2011 S. Ullman Determining head orientation and gaze direction from single images
Uri Patish MSc 2011 S. Ullman Classifying images by semantic knowledge
Oded Shahar MSc 2011 M. Irani Space-time super-resolution from a single video
Leonid Karlinsky PhD 2010 S. Ullman Towards the recognition of actions and their components
Irena Kemelmacher PhD 2010 R. Basri 3D shape reconstruction with shading information and prior knowledge
Ori Brostovski MSc 2010 M. Irani Detecting the Common
Shira Ozana-Eilam MSc 2010 S. Ullman H. Slovin Development of an image identification decoder for voltage-sensitive dye signal in early visual cortex of fixating monkeys
Oren Boiman PhD 2009 M. Irani Inference by composition
Darya Frolova PhD 2009 R.Basri Analysis of lighting and applications to 3-dimensional reconstruction of moving and static objects
Yuval Kaminka MSc 2009 S. Ullman, E. Schneidman Error correction and prediction in a model of the feedback projection from the primary visual cortex to the lateral geniculate nucleus
Maria Zeldin MSc 2009 S. Ullman Combining skin color and segmentation to detect people in images
Alex Rav-Acha Post Doc 2008 M. Irani
Bernard Sarel PhD 2008 M. Irani Separating transparent layers in images and video
Denis Simakov PhD 2008 M. Irani
Shai Bagon MSc 2008 M. Irani What is a good image segment?
Ayelet Akselrod-Ballin PhD 2007 R. Basri Multiscale multi-channel 3D segmentation and classification of MRI
Eli Shechtman PhD 2007 M. Irani
Boris Epshtein PhD 2007 S. Ullman Fragment hierarchies and semantic features
Mica Arie-Nachimson MSc 2007 R. Basri Multiview object detection using a probabilistic 3D class model
Gilad Barkan MSc 2007 R. Basri Segmentation-based long range motion estimation
Michal Gordon MSc 2007 S. Ullman Improving performance and applying cascades in visual classification
Tomer Peled MSc 2007 R. Basri Towards segmentation-based scene understanding
Barak Raveh MSc 2007 R. Basri Rediscovering secondary structures by searching for repetitive patterns in graphs of protein folds
Yonatan Wexler Post Doc 2006 M. Irani
Moshe Blank MSc 2006 M. Irani Actions as space-time shapes
Ronen Deitch MSc 2006 R. Basri, M.Galun Image denoising via non-convex minimization with multigrid
Michael Dinerstein MSc 2006 S. Ullman Classification and reconstruction using binocular features
Oren Forkosh MSc 2006 R. Basri Hierarchical mixture model construction using the remix algorithm
Mohamed Hegaze MSc 2006 S. Ullman Efficient similarity computation with variable neighborhood size in high-dimensional spaces
Uri Klein MSc 2006 S. Ullman A neurobiological feature hierarchies extraction network model for object classification
Michel Vidal-Naquet PhD 2005 S. Ullman The extraction and use of informative features for scale invariant recognition
Leonid Karlinsky MSc 2005 S. Ullman The learning and use of graphical models for image interpretation
Ita Lifshitz-Shpringer MSc 2005 S. Ullman Image interpretation using bottom-up top-down cycle on fragment trees
Yaron Ukrainitz MSc 2005 M. Irani Sequence alignment by maximizing space-time correlations
Alexander Apartsin MSc 2004 R. Basri Multiscale segmentation of independent object motion using irregular pyramids
Evgeniy Bart MSc 2004 S. Ullman Object recognition using shared extended fragments
Barak Blumenfeld MSc 2004 M. Tsodyks, S. Ullman Functional maps and intracortical connectivity in the primary visual cortex
Lena Gorelick MSc 2004 A. Brandt, R. Basri Object recognition by silhouette shape
Irena Kemelmacher-Shlizerman MSc 2004 R. Basri Indexing with varying illumination and pose
Ilana Lavie MSc 2004 R. Basri Identification of protein residues and amino-acid properties that determine binding specificity of G protein-coupledreceptors
Dan Levi MSc 2004 S. Ullman A network model for fragment-based object classification
Aya Aner Post Doc 2003 M. Irani
Yaron Caspi PhD 2003 M. Irani
Lihi Zelnik-Manor PhD 2003 M. Irani
Dror Zur PhD 2003 S. Ullman Filling-in of disrupted visual input-measurement, modeling, and visual aids
Max Chvalevsky MSc 2003 R. Basri Bi-clustering of objects and backgrounds for content-based image retrieval
Ady Ecker MSc 2003 S. Ullman Images similarity based on the distributions of similar substructures
Lev Faivishevsky MSc 2003 S. Ullman Efficient object detection and recognition in a directable visual system
Maksim Frenkel MSc 2003 R. Basri Curve matching using the fast marching method
Aron Inger MSc 2003 S. Ullman Automatic features based illumination insensitive facial recognition schemes.
Ido Leichter MSc 2003 R. Basri Extending hierarchical direct methods to handle larger motion
Eli Shechtman MSc 2003 M. Irani Space-time super-resolution
Denis Simakov MSc 2003 R. Basri Dense shape from motion with arbitrary, unknown lighting
Eitan Sharon PhD 2002 R. Basri Multiscale methods for efficient curve detection and hierarchical image segmentation
Tal Hassner MSc 2002 M. Irani What does the scene look like from a scene point?
Moshe Machline MSc 2002 M. Irani Revisiting motion consistency
Erez Sali PhD 2001 S. Ullman Class-based visual recognition and reconstruction
Sharon Gilaie-Dotan MSc 2001 S. Ullman, R.Malach Stereo processing in human object-related visual areas
Eran Borenstein MSc 2000 S. Ullman --
Meir Cohen MSc 2000 M. Irani Dense recovery of planar-parallax from multiple frames
Yuval Spector MSc 2000 R. Basri Application and extensions
Amir Shmuel PhD 1999 S. Ullman, A. Grinvald Functional architecture and organization of the inter-connectivity as revealed by optical imaging
Assaf Zeira PhD 1999 S. Ullman Combining bottom-up and top-down processing in visual object recognition
Alexander Koltunov MSc 1999 R. Basri New spectral features and gaussian mixtures for classification of multispectral image data.
Lihi Zelnik-Manor MSc 1999 M. Irani Multi-frame alignment of planes
Chen Brestel MSc 1998 S. Ullman Multi-views modeling & synthesis
Maria Shneerson MSc 1998 R. Basri, A. Tal Animation of geometric algorithms in an Electronic Classroom
Sergei Soloviev MSc 1998 S. Ullman Shift-invariant recognition by the conjunction of basic invariant patterns
Yossi Cohen MSc 1997 R. Basri --
Ovadya Menadeva MSc 1997 R. Basri The robustness to occlusions in recognizing planar objects with regions
Yael Moses PhD 1995 S. Ullman Generalization to novel images
Moshe Bar MSc 1994 S. Ullman Spatial context in recognition
Yaron Caspi MSc 1994 S. Ullman Human-like line-drawing interpretation
Michael Kositsky MSc 1994 T. Flash, S. Ullman --
Avidan Akerib PhD 1993 S. Ruhman, S. Ullman Associative real time vision machine
Ronen Basri PhD 1991 S. Ullman The recognition of 3-D solid objects from 2-D images
Avraham Guissin PhD 1991 S. Ullman Visually-guided navigation using velocity fields
Jerucham Shapira PhD 1991 S. Ullman A pictorial approach to object classification and recognition across shape changes
Miri Dick PhD 1990 S. Ullman, D. Sagi Parallel and serial processes in motion detection
Dov Dori PhD 1990 A. Pnueli S. Ullman Detection and interpretation of dimensions in machine drawings


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