Approximate Nearest Subspace Search

Approximate Nearest Subspace Search with Applications to Pattern Recognition

Example-Based Shape Reconstruction:

Example Based 3D Reconstruction from Single 2D Images
Molding Face Shapes by Example
Minimal-Cut Model Composition

Intensity-Based Object Recognition and Shape Reconstruction:

Photometric Stereo with General, Unknown Lighting
Indexing with Unknown Illumination and Pose

Curve Matching and Extraction

Curve Matching using the Fast Marching method
Extracting Salient Curves from Images: An Analysis of the Saliency Network

Perceptual Grouping and Segmentation

Fast Multiscale Image Segmentation and Curve Detection
Fast multiscale image segmentation

Fragment Based Object Classification and Recognition

Hierarchical Visual Features
Fragment Based Object Classification

Video Analysis

NEW: Summarizing Visual Data Using Bidirectional Similarity
Matching Local Self-Similarities across Images and Videos

Similarity by">Aligning Sequences and Actions by Maximizing Space-Time Correlations
Space Time Scene Manifolds
Actions as Space-Time Shapes
Separating Transparent Layers of Repetitive Dynamic Behaviors
Detecting Irregularities in images and in Video
Space-Time Behavioral Correlation
Space-Time Video Completion
Transparent Layers
Temporal Factorization
New View Synthesis - What Does the Scene Look Like from a Scene Point?
Multi-Body Segmentation: Revisiting Motion Consistency
Space-Time Super-Resolution of Video
Sequence To Sequence Matching
Event-Based Analysis of Video
Alignment of Non-Overlapping Sequences
Sequence To Sequence Alignment
Multi-Frame Alignment


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