Vision and Robotics Seminar 2004

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December 30, Shahar Mendelson (The Australian National University)
Some remarks on Learning Theory from a geometric viewpoint .

December 23, Ilan Shimshoni (Technion)
Guided Sampling via Weak Motion Models and Outlier Sample Generation for Epipolar Geometry .

December 16, Yoav Schechner (Technion)
Uncontrolled Modulation Imaging.

December 9, Uzy Smilansky (Department of Physics of Complex Systems)
Computerized classification and typology of ceramics - a tool for archeological research.

December 2, Michael Zibulevsky (Technion, Haifa)
Blind source separation and deconvolution using sparsity priors.

November 25, Francesca Odone (University of Genova, Italy)
Image classification from examples - ideas for a system that scales automatically.

November 11, Alex Rav-Acha (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Dynamosaics: Dynamic Mosaics with Non-Chronological Time.

November 4, Michael Bronstein (Technion - Haifa)
Expression-Invariant Representations of Faces and its Application to Three Dimensional Face Recognition.

October 21, Dr. Claudia Goldman Shenhar (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Decentralized Control of Cooperative Systems: Complexity and Algorithms .

September 26 at 12:00, Greg Shakhnarovich (MIT)
Parameter-Sensitive Hashing: relating regression, classification and retrieval for very large data sets. .
Please note the unusual day

August 9 at 14:30, Michael Grossberg (City College, City University of New York)
Cameras from Images.

June 24, Yosi Keller (Yale University)
The PseudoPolar FFT framework.

June 17, Elie Bienenstock (Brown University)
Composition Systems for Vision.
Note the unusual time and place.

Workshop on Variational Limits in Ziskind-1

June 16, Christof Koch (California Institute of Technology)
Selective Visual Attention in Human and Machine Vision.
Note the unusual day and time.

June 10, Amnon Shashua (HUJI)
Threading Kernel Functions: On the family of all Algebraic Kernels over Sets of Vectors with Varying Cardinality.

June 3, Ido Drori (TAU)
Spectral Sound Gap Filling.

May 20, Eran Borenstein
Top-down Image Segmentation.

May 6, Daphna Weinshall (Hebrew University)
Learning Distance Functions, with Application to Data Retrieval.

April 22, Yoav Schechner (Technion)
Clear Underwater Vision.

April 15, Yair Weiss (Hebrew University)
Learning to Perceive from Image Statistics - a Computational Challenge.

April 1, Ira Kemelmacher
Indexing with varying illumination and pose.

March 25, Bernard Sarel
Separating Transparent Layers through Layer Information Exchange.

March 18, Hagit Hel-Or (Haifa University)
Reducing Color and Noise Artifacts in Digital Cameras.

March 11, Dan Levi
A Neural Network Model for Fragment-Based Object Classification.

March 4, Tammy Riklin-Raviv (Tel-Aviv University)
Unlevel-Sets: Geometry and Prior-based Segmentation.

March 2 at 12:00 in the Reich Seminar Room
Dr. Hedva Spitzer (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University)

Biological Gain control for High Dynamic Range Compression and predictions of known and novel perception effects.

February 5, Ilan Shimshoni (Technion - Haifa)
Adaptive Mean Shift Based Clustering in High Dimensions.

January 29, Shmuel Peleg (The Hebrew University)
Ego Motion by Time Warping: Mosaicing Route Panoramas.

January 15, Yonatan Wexler
Image-based rendering using image-based priors.

January 8, Lena Gorelik
Shape Representation and Classification Using Poisson Equations.

January 1, Max Donath (University of Minnesota)
DGPS Based Augmented Reality: Seeing the Road in a Sandstorm .