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In brief...

I am a (full) professor, incumbent of the Gershon Kekst Professorial Chair, working at the Department of Mathematics, The Weizmann Institute of Science.

Professional interests are best described by the following keywords: Hilbert 16th problem, limit cycles, vector fields, foliations, singularities, Abelian integrals, bifurcations, normal forms.
      If you read French, here is the poetic description of one of my favorite problems:

                          . . . C'est ligne circulaire
Et courbe que ceci; je t'ordonne d'en faire
Ligne droite et sans nul retours.
Va-t'en y travailler, et cours.

Jean de Lafontaine, La chose impossible, 1674.

(Читающие по-русски могут найти перевод здесь).

Favorite fields of Mathematics: (Ordinary) Differential Equations, Singularities, Geometry. Go to the Research section for more details.

Courses that I occasionally teach:
            Differential geometry and topology (basic course),
            Analytic theory of ordinary differential equations.
Sporadic lecture notes can be found here.

This page is inherently rather static. A more dynamic site (with seminar news, links to new papers, conferences, lecture notes etc.) is available in the form of a blog.

Advising students is one of my favorite occupations.

Formal requirements for studying in the Weizmann Institute can be found here. Online application forms are also available