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Computer Science in Israel has its origins at The Weizmann Institute: Weizac, the first computer in Israel, was built here; it can still be seen at the entrance to the Ziskind building. The Weizmann Institute was also the first academic institute in Israel to award degrees in Computer Science.

The Weizmann Institute has a world-leading group of Computer Science faculty members with research interests covering diverse areas such as: Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Computer Vision, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Program Semantics and Logic, Programming Languages, Robotics, Scientific Computation, Software Engineering and Specification and Verification.

Prospective students are expected to have earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, but promising candidates in related areas (Mathematics, Electrical Engineering) will be considered as well.

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* Faculty Members in Computer Science

  • Achi Brandt Scientific Computation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics
  • Ronen Basri Computer Vision, Visual Object Recognition, Robot Navigation
  • Irit Dinur Computational Complexity, , Probabilisitically Checkable Proofs, Hardness of approximation, Combinatorics, Analysis of Boolean functions.
  • Uriel Feige: Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Coping With NP-hardness.
  • Tamar Flash Robotics, Motor Control, Computational Neuroscience
  • Aviezri Fraenkel: Combinatorial Games, Combinatorics, Information Retrieval.
  • Oded Goldreich: Randomness and Computation, Pseudorandomness, Probabilistic Proofs, Foundations of Cryptography, Complexity Theory, Distributed Computation.
  • Shafi Goldwasser : Probabilistic Proofs, Complexity of Approximation, Cryptography, Computational Number Theory, Fault Tolerant Distributed Computation.
  • David Harel: Computability, Program Logics, Systems/Software Engineering, Visual Languages, CS Education
  • Michal Irani: Vision motion analysis, Compact video representations, Multi-sensor image alignment.
  • Robert Krauthgamer: Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Moni Naor: Cryptography, Concrete Complexity and Combinatorial Algorithms.
  • David Peleg: Distributed Computing, Theory of Communication Networks, Graph Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms.
  • Amir Pnueli: Temporal Logic. Specification, Verification, and Development of Reactive, Real-Time, and Hybrid Systems. Algorithmic and Deductive Verification.
  • Ran Raz : Circuit Complexity, Communication Complexity, Arithmetic Complexity, Proof Theory.
  • Omer Reingold : Complexity Theory.
  • Adi Shamir: Cryptography and cryptanalysis, Complexity Theory, Algorithms.
  • Ehud Shapiro: Computational Models of Living Systems, High-Level Programming Languages
  • Shimon Ullman: Vision, Computer Vision, Brain Modelling

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