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Foundations of computer science is an exciting and growing field, spanning a broad selection of topics from mathematics to engineering. The Foundations of Computer Science group at Weizmann Institute is one of the most active in the world, consisting of ten full-time faculty, several visitors and post-docs and many graduate students. Current areas of research which are represented at Weizmann include:

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Graduate Studies

For more information on Computer Science studies at the Weizmann Institute see here

All graduate studies at the Weizmann Institute are administrated by the Feinberg Graduate School. Applications should be made using the school's forms which can be obtained together with more detailed information from the Feinberg Graduate School, P.O.B 26, Rehovot, Israel. E-mail: see The Feinberg Graduate School has a homepage.

Post doctoral Fellowships

The Weizmann Institute provides a number of post-doctoral fellowships. They are administered through the Feinberg Graduate School. It is strongly advised that potential candidates contact the desired supervisor prior to their application.

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