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Tal Hassner

E-mail : talhassner -at- gmail.com
Position : Post-doc.
Sponsor : Ronen Basri
Field of research : Computer Vision.
Curriculum Vitae (updated July, 2007).

As of August 2007, I am no longer affiliated with the Weizmann Institute.
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  • Ran Gal, Ariel Shamir, Tal Hassner, Mark Pauly and Daniel Cohen-Or, Surface Reconstruction using Local Shape Priors, Proceedings of the fifth Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), Barcelona, Spain, 2007. (project, PDF)

  • Ronen Basri, Tal Hassner and Lihi Zelnik-Manor*, Approximate Nearest Subspace Search with Applications to Pattern Recognition, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Minneapolis, June 2007. (project, PDF, PPT)
    *Author names in alphabetical order due to equal contribution.

  • Tal Hassner and Ronen Basri; Automatic Depth-Map Colorization, Eurographics (short), Vienna, Sept. 2006.

  • Tal Hassner and Ronen Basri, Example Based 3D Reconstruction from Single 2D Images, Beyond Patches Workshop at IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), New-York, June 2006. (project, PDF)

  • Tal Hassner, Lihi Zelnik-Manor, George Leifman and Ronen Basri, Minimal-Cut Model Composition, International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, Boston, June 2005 (SMI). (project, PDF). Received the Best Student Paper Award at SMI'05.

  • Michal Irani, Tal Hassner and P.Anandan, What Does the Scene Look Like from a Scene Point? European Conference on Computer Vision, Copenhagen, May 2002 (ECCV). (project, PDF).


Below are links to sample software projects developed by my former students at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo:

  • ImageCompletion - Image inpainting (hole filling).
  • Fusion - Image fusion.
  • WIDE - An integrated development environment for the While programming language.
  • IndicatorAnalysis - Software for mass, historical, stock data download, charting and technical analysis. (Mirror)



I am currently involved in the AIM@SHAPE (Network of Excellence project within the EU's 6th framework) research project.

Teaching at Weizmann

Advanced Topics in Computer Vision - Spring 2003.
Introduction To Computer Vision course - Fall 2002/03.

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