Vision and Robotics Seminar 2006

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Dec 28, 2006, Guy Gilboa (UCLA)
Image regularization by nonlocal evolutions

Dec 21,2006, Alon Fishbach (Northwestern University)
Not on the jerk alone: Desired trajectories are planned to reduce discrepancies between planned and perceived motions.
Please note the change in place.

Dec 17, 2006 - Computer Vision Day @ IDC

Dec 14,2006, Michael Elad (Technion)
Sparse and redundant signal representation, and its role in image processing.

Dec 7,2006, Yaron Caspi (Weizmann)
Video visualization - Beyond pixels and frames.

Nov 30,2006, No Seminar

Nov 23,2006, Dani Lischinski (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Interactive local adjustment of tonal values.

Nov 16,2006, Shai Avidan (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs)
Natural video matting using camera arrays.

Nov 9,2006, Tamar Avraham (Technion)
Visual-attention stochastic mechanisms using inner-scene similarity.

June 29 -- Yair Weiss (HUJI)

June 15 -- Boris Epshtein (WIS)

May 30 -- Alfred Inselberg (TAU+) -- Tuesday, 11:00, Faculty Lounge.

May 23 -- Ron Kimmel (Technion) -- Tuesday, 11:00.
Biometrics, and Isometric Invariant Measures.

May 18 -- Merav Galun (WIS)
Image and data analysis by fast multiscale methods.

May 11 -- Yael Moses (IDC)
Correspondence Outliers: detection and correction.

May 4 -- Juan Wachs (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
Optimal hand gesture vocabulary design methodology for robotic control.

April 27, Bernard Sarel
Separating transparent layers of repetitive dynamic behaviors.

April 6, Boaz Nadler
Diffusion Maps, Spectral Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction and Eigenfunctions of Fokker-Planck operators.

March 23, Shmuel Peleg (The Hebrew University)
Making a long video short: Dynamic video synopsis.

Monday March 20 (at 14:30), Alexei (Alyosha) Efros ( Carnegie Mellon University)
Estimating scene geometry and discovering objects using a soup of segments.
Note the unusual day and time

March 16 --- No Seminar

March 9, Mark Latash ( Pennsylvania State University)
Uncontrolled Manifold Hypothesis: Studies of Prehensile and Postural Synergies.

Feb 2,Saar Bobrov (Technion)
Image based prediction of vision performance.

Jan 26, Tal Hassner
Example based 3D reconstruction from single 2D images.

Jan 19, Yosi Keller (Yale University)
The diffusion framework: bridging statistical learning and signal processing.

Jan 12, Yonatan Wexler
Non-parametric approach to computer vision problems.

Jan 5, Itsik Pe'er
(The Program for Medical and Population Genetics, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
and Center for Human Genetic Research, Massachusetts General Hospital)

Data, technology and populations for genomewide association studies.

Jan 1, 2006 - Computer Vision Day @ IDC