Vision and Robotics Seminar 2007

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December 20, 2007, Anat Levin (MIT)
Image statistics in computational photography

December 13, 2007, Rob Fergus (NYU)
80 Million Tiny Images

December 9, 2007, Computer Vision Day in IDC

December 6, 2007, Tamir Hazan (Hebrew Univ.)
The use of non-extensive divergence for robust 'bag of features' algorithms for visual recognition

November 22, 2007, Shai Avidan (Adobe Systems, USA)
Seam carving for content-aware image resizing

November 15, 2007, Alex Rav-Acha (Weizmann)
Spectral Matting

November 8, 2007, Daniel Freedman (RPI & On sabbatical at the Weizmann Institute)
Some recent results in Computer Vision and Computational Geometry

October 30, 2007, Computer Vision and Graphics, Infrastructure Research Workshop
10am-5pm, Ebner Auditorium, Weizmann Inst. of Science, Rehovot

October 18, 2007, Nathan Cahill (The Wolfson Medical Vision Laboratory, University of Oxford)
Deformable registration in medical imaging

June 14, 2007, Jackie Assa (Tel Aviv University)
Diorama Construction from a Single Image
Ziskind, Faculty Lounge, Room 141 (Note the change in place)

June 7, 2007, Anatol Feldman (Dept of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering, University of Montreal)
Threshold position control and the principle of minimal interaction as a solution to the problems in multi-muscle and multi-joint redundancy

May 31, 2007, Boaz Nadler
Learning in High Dimensions, Sparsity and Treelets

May 20, 2007, Ayellet Tal (Technion)
Direct visibility of point sets

May 17, 2007, Anat Levin (MIT)
Image and depth from a conventional camera with a coded aperture

May 10, 2007, Lior Wolf (Tel-Aviv University)
Modeling Appearances with Low-Rank SVM

May 3, 2007, Daphna Weinshall (Hebrew University)
Learning to learn: New techniques and applications in Computer Vision

SUNDAY Apr 22, 2007 at 14:00, Yoav Schechner (Technion)
Sound and motion, in harmony

Apr 19, 2007, Ayelet Akselrod-Ballin
Multiscale multi-channel 3D segmentation and classification of MRI

March 22, 2007, Gideon Dror (The Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo)
Digital beautification of human faces

Feb 8, 2007, Oren Boiman
Similarity by composition

Feb 1, 2007, Danny Keren (Haifa University)
How a simple prior can assist image detection

Jan 18, 2007, Freddy Brukstein + Tal Nir (Technion)
1. Alfred Bruckstein: Variational Image Analysis: Do we know what to optimize for?
2. Tal Nir: Over-parameterized variational optical flow

Jan 11, 2007, Gal Elidan (Stanford)
Probabilistic shape for outlining objects

Jan 4, 2007, Alex Bronstein (Technion)
Numerical geometry of non-rigid objects