Text Box: Welcome to Yaron Caspi web page  

Text Box: Research

Text Box: 3D reconstruction  (height from reference plane) using vertical shadows. 
The  example above shows a remote   reconstruction using  a single web cam.

Text Box: Publications:    CVPR 2006

Text Box: With:  Mike Werman 

Text Box: Parallax  from  Shadows

Text Box: A method for synopsis of animation data.
The left example shows a synopsis of motion clip The right example illustrates an application of the method, that is generating thumbnails. 

Text Box: Publications:     SIGGRAPH 2005

Text Box: With:  Jeckie  Assa & Danny Cohen-or

Text Box: Motion Synopsis

Text Box: Visual appearance representation that captures similarities between different image regions.
It is represented using a generative model that can be learned from a small set of class examples.

Text Box: Publications:    CVPR 2004   , UAI 2004 

Text Box: With: Nebojsa  Joijc  & Manuel J. Ramon

Text Box: Probabilistic Index Maps

Text Box: A frame work for sharing video annotation between to versions of a the same TV program, but  of different: format, compression  and even insertion and deletion of substantial portions  (e.g., a few min. of commercials)

Text Box: Publications:    ICIP 2004 

Text Box: Sharing video annotations

Text Box: With: David M. Bargeron

Text Box: Matching 2 video sequences using trajectories of moving objects. 
The example above shows recovery of epipolar geometry when 2 cameras are facing each other

Text Box: Publications:   VMDS workshop  2002,  IJCV 2005

Text Box: With:    Deniss Simakov & Michal Irani 

Text Box: Feature-Based Sequence-to-Sequence matching

Text Box: Generating high resolution high-frame rate video from multiple unsynchronized low resolution low frame rate video streams.
*Received the Best Paper Prize at ECCV'2002

Text Box: Publications:    ECCV 02   PAMI 05.

Text Box: With:  Eli  Shechtman & Michal Irani 

Text Box: Increasing Space-Time Resolution in Video

Text Box: My first paper on sequence to sequence alignment
See also my  Ph.D  thesis. 

Text Box: Publications:     CVPR 2000,  PAMI 2002

Text Box: With:  Michal Irani

Text Box: Direct Sequence-to-Sequence Alignment

Text Box: Matching non-overlapping sequences using their joint motion. 
*Received the Honorable Mention for the 2001 Marr Prize.

Text Box: Publications:   ICCV 2001,  IJCV 2002

Text Box: With:  Michal Irani 

Text Box: Alignment of Non-Overlapping Sequences

Text Box: Inducing a segmentation from a single segmented example of image with similar content. 
The segmentations on the left of the top left image are induced to the two other test images. 

Text Box: Publications:    ACCV 2006

Text Box: With: Yaar Schnitman,  Daniel Cohen-Or & Dani Lischinski   

Text Box: Segmentation by Example

Text Box:   
A method for generating visual video summarize. 
By projecting selected key-poses after rotation, we can visualize self-occluding activities as dynamic still (above) or clip trailer.     

Text Box: Publications:     The Visual Computer 2006  + movie (42M)
&  SIGGRAPH sketches 2006  + movie (35M)

Text Box: With:  Anat Axelrod, Yasuyuki Matsushita & Alon Gamliel

Text Box: Video Exploration