Technical Reports

Following is a list of Achi Brandt's Technical Reports. These reports may be obtained electronically by clicking on the required technical report number or, in hardcopy, by writing to the secretariat.

tr95-09.pdf Multiscale Algorithm for Atmospheric Data Assimilation Part I. Multiscale iterative Process A. Brandt & L. Zaslavsky (March 1995) tr97-19.pdf Completion Energies and Scale E. Sharon, A. Brandt & R. Basri (November 1997) tr03-07.pdf Adaptive Methods for Classification of Biological Microarray Data from Multiple Experiments Y. Goldschmidt, E. Sharon, F.J. Quintana, I.R. Cohen, & A. Brandt (July 2003) tr03-10.pdf Multiscale Calculation of Many Eigenfunctions A. Brandt (August 2003) tr05-01.pdf An Algebraic Multigrid Based Algorithm for Bisectioning Gerneral Graphs D. Ron, S. Wishko-Stern and A. Brandt (2005) tr05-09.pdf Fast Multilevel Clustering Y. Goldschmidt, M. Galun E. Sharon, R. and A. Brandt (2005) tr05-10.pdf Systematic Upscaling for Feynman Path Integrals. A Progress Report M. Zlochin & A. Brandt (2005) tr06-04.pdf Multiscale Methods of Data Assimilation and Feedback Optimal Control A. Brandt (2006) tr06-05.pdf Methods of Systematic Upscaling A. Brandt (2006) tr07-03.pdf Multilevel Algorithms for Linear Ordering Problems I. Safro, D. Ron & A. Brandt (2007)

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