Vered Rom-Kedar

The Estrin Family Chair of Computer Science

and Applied Mathematics

Department of computer science and applied mathematics

The Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel 76100.

Tel: 972 8 9343170
Fax: 972 8 9344122

office: 211 Zyskind

E-mail : Vered.Rom-Kedar At weizmann.ac.il






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Reading course: Dynamical systems and modeling

Online Chaos Book for highschool students, in Hebrew, by C. Berkovich



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 Publication list (chronological order)

Selected publications:

Fluid Mixing  
Near-integrable Hamiltonians 

Selected Publications:


O. Yaniv and V. Rom-Kedar Quantum pseudointegrable Hamiltonian impact system,  , to appear in PRE V1 , 2023

V. Rom-Kedar and D. Turaev Stable motions of high energy particles interacting via a repelling potential,  Arxiv:2208.14993 , 2022

Ori Saporta-Katz, Edriss S. Titi, Hezi Gildor, Vered Rom-Kedar, A dynamic-kinematic 3D model for density-driven ocean circulation flows: Construction, global well-posedness and dynamics , JNLS 33, Article number: 1 ,2023

M. Pnueli and V. Rom-Kedar, Near tangent dynamics in a class of Hamiltonian impact systems,  SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 21 (3), 2000-2046 , 2022

N. Frenkel, R. Saar Dover, E. Titon, Y. Shai, V. Rom-Kedar, Bistable bacterial growth dynamics in the presence of antimicrobial agents, Antibiotics 2021, 10(1), 87; doi:10.3390/antibiotics10010087

K. Fraczek and V. Rom-Kedar, Non-uniform ergodic properties of Hamiltonian flows with impacts , Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, First View , pp. 1 - 63, DOI:10.1017/etds.2021.106, 2021

V. Rom-Kedar, O. Yaniv, Roy Malka and E. Shapiro,  The Immune-Buffer COVID-19 Exit Strategy that Protects the Elderly, 2020 Med Arxiv

L. Becker, S. Elliott, B. Firester, S. Gonen Cohen, M. Pnueli and V. Rom-Kedar,  Impact Hamiltonian systems and polygonal billiards, 2020, to appear in the "Proceedings of the MSRI 2018 Fall semester on Hamiltonian Systems" https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.03726

M. Pnueli and V. Rom-Kedar, On the structure of Hamiltonian impact systems Nonlinearity 34 (4), 2611. doi , 2021

M. Pnueli and V. Rom-Kedar, On Near Integrability of Some Impact Systems, SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 17(4), 2707–2732. (26 pages), 2018, https://doi.org/10.1137/18M1177937

Equilibration of energy in slow-fast systems, K. Shah, D. Turaev, V. Gelfreich, V. Rom-Kedar PNAS Vol 114, no. 49,  E10514, 2017

Leaky Fermi AcceleratorsK. ShahV. GelfreichV. Rom-KedarD. Turaev Phys. Rev. E 91, 062920 , 2015

R. Mundel, E. Fredj, H. Gildor and V. Rom-Kedar, "New Lagrangian diagnostics for characterizing fluid flow mixing", Physics of Fluids, 26, no. 12 (2014): 126602

V. Gelfreich, V. Rom-Kedar, D. Turaev  Oscillating mushrooms: adiabatic theory for a non-ergodic system , 2014, Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, Volume 47 (Number 39). Article number 395101 . ISSN 1751-8113

M. Kloc and V. Rom-Kedar "Smooth Hamiltonian systems with soft impacts" 
SIAM J. Applied Dynamical Systems (Vol. 13, Issue 3), 2014


Far from integrable limit - Billiards with Steep Potentials, Fermi accelerators: 

Near Integrable Hamiltonians:

Fluid Mixing:

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